How To Condition Vinyl Furniture: Steps

Steps To Condition Vinyl Furniture

  1. Solution: First of all make a solution by Mixing warm water and soap, then wipe the furniture with the clean cloth.
  2. Scrub: After that Scrub down the vinyl furniture with a soft bristle brush.
  3. Rinse: Rinse the vinyl furniture with a clean water, use a rag or cloth dipped in the water.
  4. Dry: After cleaning, dry the furniture, it should not be left for air dry, simply pat dry it with a soft dry towel. Please make sure to remove all the moisture from the furniture.
  5. Conditioning: After that use the best quality leather care conditioner, then use conditioner with the help of baby wipes or soft cloth, and wipe the furniture. This will not only clean but will also soften without leaving an oily residue.
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