How To Condition Leather Couch Naturally: Steps To Condition Leather Furniture Naturally

What Are The Steps to Condition Leather Couch/Furniture Naturally?

Before conditioning the leather couch naturally, it is necessary that the user checks warranty information of the product because some leather manufacturers dictate to use only specific cleaners and conditioners on to their leather products. In case, the user doesn't follow the warranty information of the product, then the product warranty will be null & void. It has been recommended by the experts to use the naturally made conditioner on to the leather furniture once its warranty has expired. The steps to prepare several natural conditioners and their ways to use are mentioned below:
  1. Test The Leather:
    Before conditioning, it is necessary to test the conditioner on to the leather at an inconspicuous or hidden area. Mostly people skip the step and its result can be disastrous. For spot testing, the user can apply the conditioner on to the back of the couch or the area hidden by couch cushions. It has also been recommended to buff the conditioner on to the leather using a white rag because colored rag dyes can rub off into the furniture.
  2. Basic Homemade Conditioner:
    The best way to prepare a homemade conditioner is to avoid the use of soaps on to it. Experts recommend the use of baby soaps in preparing homemade conditioner as long as the baby soaps are free of dyes & colorants. For preparing the conditioner, the user needs to mix one tablespoon of natural baby soap & a few drops of vinegar into warm water having one-quart volume. Once the mixture is ready, the user needs to dampen a cloth on to it and wring it out well before wiping down the leather furniture with it. Once completed, the user needs to leave the leather furniture air dry after putting it to use again.
  3. Homemade Beeswax Conditioner:
    For preparing homemade beeswax conditioner, the user needs to place sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax in a ratio of 2-1-1 inside pan into a double boiler having over medium heat. The user needs to stir the mixture till the beeswax melts and the other ingredients blend together. After that, the user needs to remove the pan from heat and allow it to cool down for 30 minutes. Once the mixture cools down and becomes a waxy substance similar to lip balm, the user can apply it on to the leather using his fingers. The wax should be massaged into the leather and then the excess wax should be taken off. After that, the user needs to buff the leather in order to provide it shine before putting it to use again.
  4. Lemon Oil Conditioner:
    Natural oils can be used to make different types of conditioners. There are several experts who recommend using olive oil in order to keep the leather supple. Also, there are several experts who recommend not to use olive oil on to the leather furniture due to the reason that it can damage the leather over time. It is better to play safe, considering the fact that leather furniture is very much expensive. The user can replace olive oil with natural lemon oil and clean the leather with it using the white rag on which 10-15 drops of lemon oil needs to be placed. It has been recommended to be gentle with the work rather than rough that can harm the leather.
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