How To Close A Trundle Bed: 5 Easy Steps To Lock A Trundle Bed

Trundles are one of the exceptional & easily stored beds that get adjusted in the space underneath a traditional bed or sofa. One of the best things about trundle beds is that it needs less space unlike air mattresses, stowaway beds, or cots, and as a result of it occupying less space, it allows the use of a standard mattress. Some of the trundle beds have fixed frames that are placed at a very low height. Pop-up, also known as the lift-up trundle beds presents a mechanism that allows the user to lift the trundle bed to the height of a normal bed. This characteristic makes it possible to deal with the trundle as a normal bed or push it against the main bed in order to enlarge the sleeping surface.

5 Easy Steps To Lock A Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are regarded as one of the best ways to come up with a sleeping portion for a guest or for siblings who share a small bedroom in your home. The bed is usually two beds in one: the top bed is generally a twin or full-size bed, and a twin-size bed is invisible underneath. In out-of-date trundle beds, the bottommost bed rolled out and remained near the floor. Newer types of trundle beds are spring-loaded so they lift the bottommost bed up to the same height as the top bed. The bottommost bed locks into place in order to support a person's weight. To lock or close a trundle bed, you simply need to go through the below-mentioned easy steps carefully:
  1. First of all, you need to make sure the working area should be clear of any obstruction or blockage so that you will be able to fully outstretch the trundle bed.
  2. The next step is to take off the bottom trundle bed as long as it clears the top bed. However, for this step, you need to ask for help from someone.
  3. After that, free the latches that are holding the trundle bed near the floor area. Latches are generally near the sides of the mattress frame that emerge out of the space last. The majority of the trundles have a latch on either side of the bed. Freeing them allows the springs to lift the mattress to the height of the other bed.
  4. Now, elevate up on the bottom bed frame if the mattress does not lift by itself as soon as the latches are freed.
  5. Finally, move the latches smoothly into the locking holes on the top bed frame as soon as the mattress is lifted to the proper height. These lock firmly into place and avoid the mattress from lowering as soon as someone lies down.

Useful Tip

If in case you are not able to find out the latches, then that time, go through the owner's manual for the trundle bed carefully. Contact the manufacturer for locking directions on your particular model.
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