How To Clean Wrought Iron Door: Two Easy Ways & Items Needed For Cleaning Wrought Iron Doors

Two Easy Ways & Items Needed For Cleaning Wrought Iron Doors

No matter which type of door you have at your home, screen door, or an enhancing wrought-iron door, the doors are thick as well as dense and can last for a longer duration of time if you take good care of them. The screen will, in all likelihood, deteriorate before the door does on a screen door, which you can replace with ease. However, if in case you feel to clean wrought-iron doors or rust has begun to appear, an issue in coastal communities and parts of high humidity, then you have to clean it and make it rust-free so that your door will last and look at its best.

Items Needed

  • Clean Bowl
  • Castile Or Plant-Based Soap
  • Lint-Free Cloths
  • Stool Or Stepladder
  • Wire Brush Or Sandpaper
  • Rust-Inhibiting Primer
  • Small Paintbrush & Metal Paint

Way 1: Cleaning Wrought Iron

  1. First of all, mix a liquid Castile soap or any other vegetable-based soap in a bowl, in order to make a mixture of it. One teaspoon of the soap mixed with some water should be enough. Make sure to combine the solution in a way so that it will create low suds.
  2. Now, rub the wrought iron with the help of a clean lint-free cloth soaked in the soapy solution. Begin the rubbing process from the top of the screen door and move towards the bottom. In order to rub the iron wrought, small stool or stepladder should be required, so keep it ready.
  3. The next step is to cleanse the wrought iron by sprinkling it with the help of a hose.
  4. After completing the above steps, finally, it is time to allow the door to dry completely with the help of a clean, lint-free cloth.

Way 2: Rust Removal And Painting

  1. Firstly, with the help of wire metal brush scuff off the paint as well as the rust from the wrought-iron door. You can also perform this task using a drill with a wire-brush attachment or sandpaper in order to eliminate the rust and flaking paint.
  2. Next, wash the wrought-iron door & make sure that you dry it rigorously before covering it with primer.
  3. Now, spread the rust-inhibiting primer to the complete surface areas of the door with the help of a small paintbrush. If in case you have to enhance flat or round wrought iron, make sure that you wrap up the entire surface of the wrought iron on all sides with the rust-inhibiting primer so that you will be able to prevent it from rusting again. Allow it dry as per the manufacturer's directions, which may differ based on humidity levels as well as temperatures.
  4. Finally, spread the metal paint color, according to your preference, over the primer. Allow the paint to dry wholly for nearly 24 to 48 hours before using the door again.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is not needed to get rid of all the paint from the wrought-iron door, but it is important to get rid of all of the rust.
  • You can also spread kerosene to the wrought-iron after cleaning it. Allow it to sit for some time in order to eliminate any extra rust you missed. Cleanse and make it dry after getting rid of the excess kerosene.
  • When you are working with the primer and the paint, make sure that the area is well-ventilated so that it receives fresh, clean air.
  • For safety purpose, make sure to wear the safety pieces of equipment such as gloves, goggles as well as a face mask.
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