How To Clean Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets: 5 Easy Steps

General Overview

Veneer kitchen cabinets are more trending than the solid wood cabinets due to the fact that they are cost effective in comparison with them. A veneer is actually the thin piece of the laminate or wood that is applied over the plywood cabinets. Due to the regular kitchen tasks, these cabinets become dirty and require to be cleaned at regular intervals.

5 Easy Steps To Clean Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Soapy Water: Prepare the solution using water and lid dish detergent soap and stir. Clean the cabinets using soft cloth or sponge with the same to remove the dust and dirt it.
  2. All-purpose Cleaner: In order to clean the laminate veneer kitchen cabinets all-purpose window cleaner works best for the same. Just apply it over the cabinets and wipe using the paper towels or old rags.
  3. Household Cleaning Solutions: The laminate veneer cabinets can also be cleaned using white vinegar or baking soda and water paste. Apply any one of the cleaning agent using sponge over cabinets to make them clean naturally.
  4. Damp Cloth: The best way to clean the wood veneer cabinets such as soapy water or oversaturation may prove damaging for the wood veneer kitchen cabinets.
  5. Murphy's Oil Soap: Cleaning wood veneer cabinets with Murphy's oil soap is the best way to keep them clean. Apply the soap over the soft cloth and rub the wood veneer cabinets with the same avoid rinsing away. Testing prior to application is always recommended.
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