How To Clean Wood Floors Without Streaks: Steps To Clean Wooden Floors Without Streaks

How To Clean Wooden Floors Without Streaks?

The steps to follow by which wooden floors can be cleaned without streaks are mentioned below:
  1. Use Vacuum:
    The first step will be to vacuum the entire wooden flooring in order to remove debris and dust from it. The step is very much necessary because dust can scratch the wooden flooring similar to the sandpaper and with time it will give more & more dull look.
  2. Mop The Flooring:
    The next step will be to mop the entire flooring with a dampened mop. The user needs to make sure that the mop is only damp rather than wet as water can warp the wooden flooring. Also, the mop should be clean as a dirty mop can leave the streaks on the flooring. It has also been recommended to replace the water if it gets dirty during mop.
  3. Use Cleaning Solutions:
    The user needs to make sure that he only uses the recommended cleaning solutions on to the wooden flooring. Also, the user needs to make sure that the cleaning solution he chooses is suited to wooden flooring as well as the finish. In case while cleaning, the user is still leaving the steaks, he needs to ask the manufacturer or the installer whether he can add vinegar to the solution or not. Vinegar is used to soften hard water which may be the reason that solution is leaving streaks while cleaning.
  4. Buff The Flooring:
    In order to make sure that the flooring is free of streaks, the user can buff the flooring section wise. After vacuuming, the user needs to mop a section of flooring followed by buffing the section with a clean soft cloth. It has been recommended by the experts that not to allow the cleaning solution dry on to the flooring by self as it can leave many unsightly streaks on to the flooring. During buffing, it is necessary to use clean and dry cloth all the times.
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