How To Clean Waxed Wood Floors Naturally: Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Waxed Wood Floors

Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Waxed Wood Floors

It is extremely important for you to know that a paste wax is not suggested for all floors, especially, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate floors having polyurethane finishes. However, a coat of paste wax on linoleum or oil-finished hardwood floors gives extra security as well as keeps the look of the floor glossy, until you take care of it properly. Wax gets scratches easily and loses its glossiness, due to the reason that it is not a hard finish, but you can generally re-integrate it and restore the shine with regular buffing.

Way 1: Floor Cleaning

Sweeping as well as vacuuming weekly is an important aspect if you want to clean waxed floors, a small amount of dirt that get pulled around on your shoes produces minute scratches that sprinkle light, and the effect is progressive. Apart from this, you need to mop the floor regularly with a product that is absolutely safe for it. For hardwood, it is an ideal option to use a waterless floor cleaner, however, if in case you somehow need to use water, then combine it with mild detergents, like dish soap, but make sure it should be in the ratio of an ounce per gallon. Clean the floor with the help of a damp mop or cloth and allow it to dry instantly with a separate rag.

Way 2: Using A Floor Buffer

Another best way to clean waxed wood floors is to use your own floor buffer, if in case you don't have your own floor buffer then you can get it on rent but it is recommended to have your own floor buffer, due to the reason that you have to use it each time the wax turns dull. But make sure your floor buffer should have a lambswool buffing attachments with it. Operating the buffer looks hard at first but with the passage of time becomes effortless and even enjoyable. Simply mortise the machine, switch it on, and guide it with the handle as it slides over the floor. Before operating the buffer, you need to pull out the furniture and rugs from the room in order to get them out of the way.

Way 3: A Buffing Regimen

You can also buff your waxed floors & for that, the best option is to have a bottle of finish restorer on hand in order to increase the shine. Start by sweeping as well as vacuuming any dust & dirt, before applying the finish restorer with the help of a mop or by spraying it on the floor, with a spray bottle. Spraying on the floor is best for waxed hardwood. Move the buffer over the floor, it doesn't matter if the restoring solution is still wet, and then alter the buffing pad as required when it glues up with wax. Finish by sweeping and vacuuming in order to get rid of the debris left by the buffer.

Way 4: Restoring The Wax

One of the drawbacks of a wax finish is that it will not last forever, and at some point in time, restoring the shine by buffing will not be possible. In this situation, strip the wax and then apply a new coat. Get an excellent pair of knee pads in order to buff off the old wax with the help of a rag and unfragrant mineral spirits. As soon as the old wax is gone, apply a new coat with the help of a rag, buff it with the help of the floor buffer, and your floor will look as good as new.
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