How To Clean Vinyl Shutters: Two Easy Methods Of Cleaning Vinyl Shutters

Two Easy Methods Of Cleaning Vinyl Shutters

There are a number of methods for cleaning vinyl shutters, below you will find easy methods for cleaning the vinyl shutters:

Method 1: Routine Cleaning

  1. Wear Rubber And Cotton Gloves: In order to start the cleaning process, put on a pair of rubber gloves. Then, wear a pair of cotton gloves over the rubber gloves. Make sure that the cotton gloves that are used are clean because cleaning vinyl shutters with the dirty gloves will only create mess.
  2. Cleaning Solution: In order to make a cleaning solution mix ammonium and water. Pour a quart of clean water in the bucket and then mix a teaspoon of ammonium with a spoon or the gloved hands. This cleaning solution is safe for most of the vinyl shutters.
  3. Dip The Gloves Into The Solution: Briefly submerge the gloves in the cleaning solution not over saturating it. Shake or wring out the gloves slightly over the bucket. This will help to prevent the solution from dripping everywhere while cleaning.
  4. Wipe Down The Shutters: Hold the top shutter between the fingers. Place the fingers on the top of the shutters and the thumb should be on the bottom of the vinyl shutters. Glide the hands along all the shutters to remove dirt, debris, as well as the grime. Repeat the process until each shutter is wiped. Stop and then rub the shutters with the fingers as needed if the user will find any stuck-on dirt or debris. Rinse off the gloves slightly in the cleaning solution to remove built-up dirt from cleaning.
  5. Rinse The Shutters: With the help of a clean sponge wipe the shutters down using clean water to rinse them. Wipe down the shutters as much as possible. Make sure to remove all the cleaner before leaving the shutters to dry and this is due to the fact that cleaning residue that can harm the shutters. If in case the rag starts to get soapy, replace it with the new one. Also, replace the water that becomes diluted with soap.

Method 2: Cleaning Oxidized Vinyl Shutters

  1. Commercial Cleaner: Purchase a commercial cleaner at a local hardware store. It is highly advisable to use a professional grade cleaner that is designed to renew oxidized shutters. All shutter cleaners vary in the preparation, but most of them must be diluted with water before using.
  2. Spray Down Two Shutters: At a time spray down 2 shutters with the cleaner. Place the cleaner in a spray bottle or even in a pump garden cleaner. Focus on two shutters and spray a layer of the cleaner on each shutter. Leave the cleaner to sit on for at least 5 minutes before moving to another step. Do not leave the solution to dry on the shutters. Set a timer for 5 minutes and then watch the solution carefully to ensure that it is not drying.
  3. Wipe Down Each Shutter: With the help of a non-scratch scouring pad wipe the shutters. Work with 1 shutter at a time, gently wipe down each side of the shutters so that the oxidation is cleaned. Use the scrubbing motions to clean the mold, dirt, debris, as well as another stuck-on residue. If there is mild dirt, such as mildew, target this later during the routine cleaning.
  4. Apply The Scratch Test: After cleaning the shutters, scratch the shutters gently with the nail. If oxidation has been removed, then the nails must leave no visible marks. Repeat the process if necessary.
  5. Rinse The Shutters: Use a hose or a damp towel to wipe down or spray down the shutters after cleaning is done. Keep wiping or spraying the shutters until there are no traces of cleaning solution.
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