How To Clean Used Furniture To Prevent Bed Bugs: Step By Step Process To Remove Bed Bugs From Used Furniture

Step By Step Process To Remove Bed Bugs From Used Furniture

The bed bug is an insect that is usually active at night & sucks the blood from the human body and that is why it is famous as the bloodsucker insect. Bed bugs come from bedding, clothing as well as luggage. Sometimes the bedbugs also attack the furniture like bed, sofas, and chairs. The bed bugs present in the furniture also become the cause of lots of diseases like psychological effects, skin rashes, and allergic diseases. The lifespan of wood furniture is up to 20-30 years if taken good care of it but the bed bugs make the furniture weak. So it's necessary to clean the wood furniture from the bugs.

Step 1: Recognizing Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Bedbug Bites: The bite of bed bugs looks similar to the bite of the mosquito. The bite of bed bug swells spreads and the user feels itching and skin rashes on the body.
  • Other Signs Of Bedbugs: The other signs of the bed bug are molted skins of the young bugs and have a light brown color. Dark blood spots present on the mattress, sofa, and on bedsheets are also the sign of bed bugs.
  • Don't Believe The Stereotype: Some people think that the bed bugs come in the poor & dirty house but this is not the truth. The bed bugs are also present in a well-maintained house that comes with the luggage bag and stay in the furniture.

Step 2: Finding The Bed Bugs

  • Search For The Bugs: The bed bugs are able to hide under the items which are stored in the furniture or in the bed. Also, look between the cracks and holes of the furniture to find the bed bugs.
  • Empty Dresser: Now empty the dresser to find the bed bugs in the dresser. Remove the drawl of the dresser because the bed bugs mostly hide in recesses, cracks, or in corners.
  • Check Upholstered Chairs And Sofas: Give a close look at the sofas and upholstered chairs because sleeping on the sofa or on upholstered chairs can give a better place to bed bugs for hiding.
  • Check Other Common Places: The bed bugs can also hide under the carpet, wood molding cracks and in the ceiling-wall junctures and especially behind the wood furniture or the wood bed.

Step 3: Removing The Bed Bugs

  • Point Steam On Them: Attach a flexible tube to the electric kettle to give a steam treatment to the bed bugs. Simply place the flexible tube on the corners and seams of the furniture then start the steaming process. Steam can kill all the bedbugs and eggs instantly.
  • Apply Silica Gel: The material used for making the silica gel is silicon dioxide and it is very helpful in order to get rid of bed bugs. Apply the paste of silica gel on the wood furniture. Repeat the process for nearly 2-3 weeks.
  • Tea-Tree Oil: The user can also use a spray bottle, wintergreen alcohol, and tea tree oil. Put wintergreen alcohol and tea tree oil in a spray bottle and shake it well. After that spray the mixture on the wood furniture.
  • Bedbug Killer: Bed bug killer is a liquid spray that is also helpful to get rid of bed bugs from wood furniture or wood bed. Bed bug killer spray is not too costly and therefore everyone can afford it.

Step 4: Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering The Furniture

  • Litter: Bed bugs come from litter and so always be careful while throwing the litter. Use a covered dust bin for litter.
  • Use Precautions: Always cover the bed mattress or the upholstered chairs with zip covers. Special bedbug covers are available in markets that are not too expensive so the user can easily afford the covers.
  • Used Beds, Bedding, And Furniture: Always check the secondhand or used items for bedbugs before purchasing because maybe the bedbugs are also present there.
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