How To Clean Upholstered Headboard: The Best Way Of Cleaning White Upholstered Fabric Headboard

The Best Way Of Cleaning White Upholstered Fabric Headboard

Your bedroom will have an air of grandeur with an upholstered headboard. The soft padding that covers your bed emphasizes the cozy sensation of simply climbing onto it and drifting off to sleep. Although the upholstery gives a lot of quality to the atmosphere in your bedroom, it is vulnerable to stains from oil spills and other things. In reality, accidental spills of food, grime, and other stains can also detract from the appearance of your upholstery. While you cannot stop these tragic accidents from happening, you can clean them up like a boss so that they appear to have never happened. Additionally, you must carefully clean your headboard once a week. If you are able to prevent any liquid spills from happening, you might be wondering why because it appears to be in good condition. Since your headboard is where you rest your head, it is likely to collect oils from your hair, sweat, and makeup. The upholstered headboard must therefore be cleaned on a regular basis.

Step 1: Vacuum The Headboard

Use your vacuum's upholstery attachment to carefully remove any loose dust or dirt from the headboard. Make sure to reach all the seams and crevices. Only use appropriate attachments, as otherwise you risk damaging the fabric. A little brush that can squeeze into all the tiniest spaces is typically included in hoover attachments. To remove dirt and dust, use this cautiously and sweep it across the surface slowly.

Step 2: Spot Clean Any Stains

  • It's always advisable to take care of any stains or spots on the headboard as soon as you see them because the longer you wait, the more challenging it will be to get rid of them.
  • Use a fabric cleaner made especially for the kind of fabric on your headboard if at all possible. To ensure that the cleaner won't harm the fabric, test it first in a discrete area according to the directions on the cleaner. You'll be able to see if the fluid has stained or discolored the cloth by leaving this test area overnight to dry completely.
  • You can also create your own cleaning solution by combining water-based all-purpose cleaner and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray this liberally into the cloth and use a fresh sponge to gently rub it in. When bubbles start to form, you'll know the mixture is correct.
  • Do not scrub vigorously! Although it's best to wipe the entire surface to avoid brighter spots, use short strokes and pay attention to the stains.

Step 3: Dry The Fabric

  • Using a cloth or paper towel, gently blot the area dry and absorb as much moisture as you can. An upholstered bed could develop mold or mildew from any surplus liquid, giving off a musty scent.
  • It's crucial to completely dry these textiles. On a warm day, either let the upholstered headboard air for a few hours or immediately dry it with a hairdryer.

Step 4: Wash The Headboard

If your headboard can be machine washed, take it from the bed frame and adhere to the label's cleaning recommendations. These will typically instruct you to wash delicately in cold water with a little detergent. Lay flat on a fresh towel or hang to dry naturally. If you use a colder setting on your hairdryer, you can hasten the drying process.

Step 5: Steam Clean The Headboard

  • You can use a fabric steamer to freshen your headboard if it cannot be machine washed or if you would rather not. To avoid soaking the cloth, move the steamer back and forth while holding it a few inches away from the headboard.
  • A steam cleaner incorporated into some premium hoover cleaners should be adequate for the task. As an alternative, you might purchase or hire a professional-grade steam cleaner. Use this equipment with extreme caution and always adhere to the directions!
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