How To Clean Unfinished Wood: Steps To Clean Wood Floors, Staining, Table & Cabinet

Unfinished wood is a piece of wood that has been purchased without a finish applied to it. There are a number of reasons to choose unfinished furniture such as ranging from cost to refinish furniture and even to design possibilities. Unfinished Wood behaves like a fresh unused board, porous and absorbent. This is the reason it can soak grease or oil like a sponge. The best trick to clean it is to avoid anything that soaks in it including the household cleaners.

Steps To Clean Unfinished Wood/Table/Cabinets/Doors

The best way to clean the Unfinished Wood is mentioned below:
  1. Dusting: It needs Dusting regularly Which makes it look good without harming it, if dusting is not applied to it, there will be a growth of debris on it that is difficult to remove. The dusting can be done either by a feature duster or clean piece of cloth, in order to remove the dust in the corners use a toothbrush or makeup brush.
  2. Soap Solution: The best mild cleaner for the untreated wood is to mix the caustic free soap into the lukewarm water, then dump the cloth into the application and then wring the cloth. Rub the effective areas with a cloth then rub it again with clean water, after that dry Wood with a soft dry cloth, during the process try to keep the wood as dry as possible.
  3. Sanding: For the strong stains or scuff use a 120 or 150-grit or a finer sandpaper. Sand the surface with hand all the way in the directions of the grain.
  4. Sticky Marks: These marks involve the chewing gum or a pine tree sap, the best way to clean this is to put some ice cubes in the zippered bag without a leak and then place the bag over the problem until the sticky problem hardens then remove it by chipping process plastic knife.

How To Clean Unfinished Wood Floors

  1. Vaccum: The best way to clean the Unfinished Wood Floors is to vacuum it regularly. The vacuuming will reduce the chances of dirt and other materials penetrate on the raw wood.
  2. Odour Less Minerals or Ammonia : In order to clean the smaller selection of the floor use the odorless mineral. In case the odorless mineral is not available then use the ammonia, pour the ammonia in a bucket then apply with the sponge.
  3. Waxing: The cleaning process will make the Wood Floors look dull but applying the non-water based wax with a soft clean cloth will give the wood protection with suitable shine.

Steps To Clean Unfinished Wood Before Staining

Steps To Clean Unfinished Wood Before Staining are mentioned below:
  1. White Vinegar: The white veneger solution works best with unfinished wood, take 2 table spoon of veneger and mix it with a 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.
  2. Lint-free Cleaning Rag: Always use a lint-free cleaning rag to rub the surface, however please dont use the paper towels.
  3. Dry: Atlast let the wood dry fully before staining.
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