How To Clean Tub Jets That Don't Work: Proper Procedure Of Cleaning Tub Jets

Proper Procedure Of Cleaning Tub Jets That Don't Work

The Jetted tubs can accumulate soap scum, biological materials, as well as other gunk in the jets over time. Use the below-mentioned steps to get rid of the more stubborn natural films, called biofilms:
  1. First of all, the user needs to fill out the tub using the hot water. They need to turn the hot water on and wait until it fills the tub. Turn it off once the jets are covered by 2–3 inches of water. Clean the jetted tub after every 1 to 3 months if the user uses the tub daily or several times a week. It is advisable to clean it at least once in every 6 months after using it a few times a month.
  2. After that, the user needs to turn off the air induction valves simply by turning them fully in the clockwise direction. This will force the water to circulate in the internal plumbing area of the bathtub to concentrate the flow and clean as deeper as possible.
  3. Add 2 tbsp of the dishwashing liquid to the water, use a low-foaming type of the dishwashing liquid so that this will not overflow the tub with the bubbles. Use 4 tbsp of the powdered dish detergent if liquid detergent is not available. The detergent will help to loosen up the greasy residue that is left behind in the jets by soap or by the bubble bath liquid.
  4. Pour 1/2 cup of the white vinegar or the bleach in the tub. Choose the vinegar for an eco-friendly option. However, use the bleach if there is any sort of mold present in the jets. It is advisable to only use one or the other and don't mix them up. Both the vinegar as well as the bleach serve to disinfect during the cleaning.
  5. Now run the jets at the full capacity for about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep the jets at the highest pressure as well as turn them on to cleaning them out. The user will see the gunk caught in the jets coming out from the water. If there is still any grime that is coming out from the jets after 15 minutes, then it is advisable to keep the jets on until no more dirt is coming out of them.
  6. Drain out the tub and then refill it with the cold water. Fill the tub again up to 2–3 inches above the jets, but this time with cold water. Cold water is a good option for the second cycle because the user is just going to give the jets a final wash. Do not add any of the cleaning products to the water. Just clean it with cold water for rinsing.
  7. Keep running the jets for another 10 minutes but on high power. This will help to remove all the last bits of the residue that are loosened with the help of detergent and hot water. Also, make sure that no more gunk is shooting in the water. Finally, drain the tub and then wipe it clean. Drain out all of the dirty water from the tub. Take a clean rag to wipe the residue which may be left on the surface of the tub.
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