How To Clean Teak Wood Shower Bench: 2 Easy Ways To Clean & Take Care Of Teak Wood Shower Bench

2 Easy Ways To Clean & Take Care Of Teak Wood Shower Bench

Teak shower seats are typically non-slip, although soap residues and other buildups may negatively impact them. You must clean your bathroom's teak shower bench once every two months if you want it to last a long time. Depending on how it is used, you may clean it more than once during the course of 90 days. Teak is a bacterial and mildew-resistant material. However, accumulated filth can be caused by water contaminants including minerals, soap residue, and other similar impurities. Therefore, every time you see a tiny buildup, you need to schedule routine cleaning. You will learn how to effectively clean a teak shower bench using these procedures.

Way 1: Vinegar & Dish Soap Cleaning Solution

The quickest and best way to clean the shower seats is with a DIY teak cleaner.
  1. Prepare The Homemade Cleaner Solution
    • Put a bowl with half a cup of vinegar in it.
    • Half a cup of warm water should be added.
    • Two tablespoons of dish soap should be added to the mixture.
    • To prepare the solution, thoroughly combine it.
    • Your cleaning agent is prepared. However, there are a number of branded teak cleaner products accessible in the online and offline market if you don't want to go through the bother of producing your own cleaning solution. You're welcome to buy one of them.
  2. Apply The Solution To The Teak Shower Bench
    • The teak shower seat should be treated with the cleaning solution.
    • Apply it evenly to all of its surfaces with a brush.
    • Wait a good while for the solution to settle.
    • Obtain a soft scrubber with gentle bristles at this time.
    • Use the scrubber to thoroughly brush the solution over the bench once more. Don't overlook the gaps and corners.
  3. Rinsing The Solution Off Teak Shower Bench
    • For the bench's rinse, use clean water.
    • Use the scrubber to get rid of any solution traces you see.
    • Rinse the cleaning solution many times until it is thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Dry & Apply Teak Oil
    • Allow the teak shower seat to fully dry. (It could take several hours).
    • Apply teak oil once it has dried. (For sustenance and defense).

Way 2: Cleaning Teak Shower Bench By Using Bleach

Teak bench cleaning with vinegar works well. But bleach might be a surefire treatment if mold growth is causing problems. So, to clean your teak shower bench with bleach, follow these steps:
  1. Prepare The Bleach Solution
    • Obtain bleach solution in the desired amount.
    • It should be combined at a 1:4 ratio with water. (It means to add 1 liter of bleaching solution to 4 liters of water.)
    • Use the appropriate mixing utensil to thoroughly combine the ingredients.
  2. Apply It Over The Teak Shower Bench
    • On the teak shower bench, thoroughly spread the mixture.
    • Apply it with a paintbrush to surfaces that will be seen.
    • Grab a toothbrush and reach into the nooks and crannies.
    • Give it some time to calm down.
  3. Scrub The Solution And Rinse It Off
    • Use a gentle scrubber for this.
    • Scrub the bench thoroughly with the solution.
    • It will remove the difficult buildup and stains.
    • Now thoroughly clean the teak shower bench with water.
    • Rinse it thoroughly to remove the solution from the bench's teak surface.
    • Clear the corners and holes of the solution.
  4. Let It Dry And Apply Teak Oil
    • Teak shower bench should be allowed to dry.
    • Apply teak oil to the bench after it is completely dry. (For added protection)
    • Before using the bench again, let the oil to settle.
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