How To Clean Teak Furniture Before Oiling: Step By Step Process To Clean Wood Before Applying Teak Oil

Easy Step By Step Process To Clean Wood Before Applying Teak Oil

Teak oil is regarded as one of the best kinds of oil that maintains the rich, golden colour or shade of new teak wood by keeping dehydration from happening, an important factor behind the grayish color that the majority of the teak wood decks develop with age. In spite of the fact that the teak oil is comparatively & fairly simple to apply, still it cannot effectively fulfill its purpose without the provision that the wood is properly cleaned and dried in advance. You need to carefully clean the teak wood in order to keep away from damaging the wood grain, otherwise, the teak oil will wet through intermittently and leave unattractive dark spots or streaks on the surface. In order to clean teak furniture before oiling, go through the below-mentioned simple steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. First of all, clean the teak, with the help of a soft-bristled brush, in order to get rid of any debris or dried dirt. Apply light to average pressure and brush against the grain to protect the wood from getting damaged. Make sure to avoid brushing with the grain, due to the reason that the bristles will create tiny tears, which in turn will hasten the deterioration of the wood.
  2. Now, make a mixture of laundry detergent(3/4 cup) and oxygen bleach powder(1/4 cup) with warm water in a 1-gallon bucket. Stir the mixture well as long as the detergent and oxygen bleach powder entirely dissolve.
  3. After that, wear rubber gloves in order to safeguard your skin. Soak in a scouring pad with the detergent and oxygen bleach mixture. Smoothly rub the teak as long as it is entirely obscured in the mixture. Rub the scouring pad from one side to the other side of the grain.
  4. Next, give the detergent mixture nearly five minutes in order to soak in so that it can remove the dirt and soften the underlying wood. Rinse the wood rigorously, scrubbing with the help of a clean scouring pad in order to remove the dirt.
  5. Soak up the collected water on the teak with the help of shop towels. Keep blotting as long as the majority of the excess water is gone. Do not aggressively rub the wood using the towels due to the fact that you will roughen the surface.
  6. Finally, let the teak air-dry for at least 24 hours & then apply the teak oil. Check the undersides and a small, narrow space or opening of the wood in order to be sure that all the water has evaporated. Allow it to dry longer if in case you discover moisture.
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