How To Clean Suede Sofas: Clean Suede & Microfiber Couch/Sofa With Vinegar Yourself

Steps To Clean Suede Couch/Sofa With Vinegar Yourself

There are a number of ways to clean the suede couch and some of the ways are given below:

Protecting The New Suede Couch

  1. Protective Spray: Always use the protective spray which is safe for the suede, this will help in not making the stains permanent one.
  2. Ventilated Area: Always work in a well ventilated area because the fumes that are emitted from the spray can be very harmful.
  3. One Section: Start working with one section at a time.
  4. Work: Work the way through each section of the couch, keep going until the full coat is applied to the couch, apply atleast 2 to 3 coats.
  5. Dry: After the spray is completed allow 12 hours gap before using it.

Weekly Cleaning

  1. Cushions: For the weekly cleaning remove all the cushion from the couch, this will allow to collect all the crumbs, papers, etc.
  2. Vacuum: Then vacuum the couch that will help to eliminate any dust or pet dander that has accumulated and which cannot be seen by the naked human eye.
  3. Wipe: Wipe down the cushions with the suede brush or with a terry cloth towell, and also check the underside of the cushions for the debris.
  4. Replace The Cushions: If the couch have the same size of the cushions then it is the best idea to rotate them.
  5. Brush: Brushing will remove all the dust and debris, so brush the nap atleast once a week, simply clean with the napping brush or a cloth.

Cleaning Monthly

  1. Cushions: Start with removing the cushions in the same way as did for one week cleaning.
  2. Criss-cross Pattern: Then use a vacuum cleaner or a dust bust to clean each cushions with a criss-cross pattern. In case of vacuuming use the specialized upholstery attachment that comes with the vacuum.
  3. Clean: Now Clean the rest of the couch using a criss-cross vacuuming motion, start the cleaning with arms and work downwards to the legs.
  4. Brush: Brush or rub down the nap of the couch with the suede rubbing cloth or suede nap brush.
  5. Replace The Cushions: Then again rotate the cushions as did in the weekly cleaning.

Removing Stains

  1. Rub The Stain: In case of the stains rub the stains with the suede brush which will prepare the area by removing any kind of dust.
  2. White Vinegar: After that use a solution of the white vinegar or rubbing alcohol, damp the cloth then lightly dab the area. Do not over saturate the stained area.
  3. Pencil Eraser: Try to gently rub the stained area to remove the stain, for the strong stains use a small piece of the sandpaper and lightly rub the stains.

How To Clean Microfiber Sofas?

  1. Spray & Blot: First of all, pour the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, then simply spray stained area, to life the dirt and the stains blot the stained area with a clean cloth.
  2. Restore The Fluff: After the cleaning process is completed the fabric will feel stiff, in order to soften it back please use a soft scrub brush, rub the fibers gently with scrub.
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