How To Clean Sofas At Home: Fabric, Leather, Couch, Wooden, White, Upholstery

General Overview

Sofa or other furniture requires immediate treatment if get stained or dirty as cleaning the old stains or stayed dirt can be the tougher task. The sofa can be cleaned using a number of methods like with commercial chemical cleaners or with simply using home cleaning solutions.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa/Couch At Home?

Easy home ways to clean the fabric/couch sofa are mentioned below:
  1. Dry Brush: Smoothly clean the entire sofa/couch with a soft dry brush in order to loosen the hard stains and bring the dirt to the surfaces.
  2. Vacuuming: Thoroughly vacuum the sofa or couch to make the stains visible.
  3. Baking Soda: Baking soda is one of the powerful cleaning agents and removes the hard stains and odors together from the fabric sofa. Either baking soda can be sprinkled over the entire sofa or after some time, it can be removed using a vacuum. Alternatively, stains can also be treated using baking soda paste which can be prepared by adding equal amounts of baking soda with water. Apply the paste over the stains and allow it to sit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and follow it by vacuuming using a brush attachment.
  4. Cleaning Agent: The fabric sofa/couch stains can also be treated with the cleaning agents but must be the recommended one. It is always important to test the cleaning agent for discoloration before application.
  5. Dry: Use a soft towel to dry the entire sofa and let it dry and follow up by cleaning any residue using a soft brush.
  6. Air Dry: Air dry the sofa completely overnight.

What Are The Ways To Clean White Leather Upholstery?

Easy ways to clean the leather upholstery are mentioned below:
  • Vacuum: Vacuuming the sofa entirely is the first and foremost thing that needs to be done before starting the cleaning process as doing this will remove all the dirt and grime from it.
  • Preparing Solution: Add equal amounts of white vinegar and water and mix them well to create a solution. Alternatively, a small amount of good commercial leather cleaner can also be added to the solution for better results.
  • Damp Cloth: Dip the soft cloth into the solution and wipe entire leather sofa with it.
  • Dry: Use a soft towel to dry the sofa entirely but using the dryer is not recommended to avoid leather dehydration.
  • Conditioning: Take a bowl and mix two parts of linseed oil with one amount of the white vinegar and mix it well. Apply this solution thoroughly over the sofa using a soft cloth in circular motions and allow it to dry completely for a night.
  • Buff: Once dried buff the sofa with rag cloth to make it more lustrous.

  • Wooden

    Some tips on cleaning the wooden furniture in home ways are mentioned below:
    1. Dust Removal: Remove all the dust from the furniture using a vacuum or simple cloth including cushions.
    2. Prepare Solution: Add three tablespoons of the vinegar in water to prepare a solution.
    3. Test: Before using solution it is always better to do the test at the small part.
    4. Apply: If testing goes well dip rag cloth into the solution and wipe over the entire sofa in a circular motion and rub softly.
    5. Buff: Use a clean cloth to buff the sofa and make it dry. If some stains are still there using a cleaning agent is recommended.
    6. Polish: Create the blend of the vinegar and olive oil and apply the little amount of it over the small area of furniture for testing purpose. Once done rub the solution of wooden furniture using cloth and buff it for shine. Remove the excess using a soft cloth.
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