How To Clean Slate Cheese Board: Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Slate Cheese Board

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Slate Cheese Board

If in case the users are having the slate cheese board that is not sealed with the mineral oil might get stained when the oily or the acidic food is served on it and the raw slate board will become very darkened in that specific place where the cheeses are served over it. It becomes very difficult to detach that stain or the users will not be able to hide that spot with the sealing. In order to overcome these issues, the users can easily clean the slate cheese board at home by following the below-defined steps:

Step I: Regular Cleaning

  • Remove The Dust: Start by sweeping all the dust and the debris particles within the entire surface of the slate cheese board by using the dry mop.
  • Make A Soap Solution: Then the users need to mix the few dish soap drops and the warm water in the medium-sized bowl.
  • Apply The Solution: The users then need to use the soft rag and then soak it in the solution so as to rub off all the grime and the dirt as well.
  • Dry Off The Surface: Then dry off the slate cheese board surface by using the dry towel and then allow the slate board surface to get dried off completely for almost one night.

Step II: Deeper Cleaning

The users need to follow the above-defined steps of the regular cleaning but once they find out that the surface of the slate board is dried completely then they need to apply the layer of the teak oil over the slat surface by using the soft cloth. Teak oil is less costly that the users can easily purchase the teak oil at their nearby hardware store. The users can also use the slate oil but that can be very hard to find and expensive as well.

Step III: For Stain Removal

  • Using The Hydrogen Peroxide: Start by mixing up the equal parts of the hydrogen peroxide and water in the spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle continuously so that both of the ingredients are mixed properly. Then the users need to apply the solution to the entire surface of the slate cheese board and then allow the solution to sit there for almost 10 minutes and then scrub it down by using the scrub pad or the soft brush. The users are advised not to use the steel wool as it can easily damage the finish of the slate cheese boards.
  • Using The Peroxide And Baking Soda: In order to get rid of the tougher stains the users need to mix the baking soda and the peroxide so as to form the bubbly paste. Then once the bubble gets die down then they need to apply the mixed paste over the entire surface of the stain and then allow it to sit there until it gets set. Then they need to wipe down the paste within the slate surface by using the damp cloth and then allow it to get air-dried completely.
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