How To Clean Patio Furniture Cushions And Canvas: Brief Overview

General Overview

Patio furniture tends to get more easily dirty due to continuous exposure to the dirt and other outdoor elements. The proper cleaning and maintenance are required to keep them all time clean and good in condition. Few steps to keep different types of patio furniture, cushions and canvas clean are mentioned below.

Steps To Clean Cushions And Canvas Of The Patio Furniture


1.Prepare Solution: The bucket needs to be filled with the warm water and added with the dishwasher and borax powder both one tablespoon.
2.Sponge: Wet the sponge into the solution and rub the cushions with it entirely from all sides.
3.Solution: Let the solution sit over the cushions for atleast 15 minutes.
4.Rinse: After fifteen minutes clean up the solution properly with clean and fresh water and let it dry in the sunlight.


The various steps involved in the cleaning of the canvas patio furniture are mentioned below:
1.Remove Covers: Remove the covers from the canvas furniture and remove the dust and dirt from them either by using a brush or shaking them.
2.Read Instructions: Once removed read the instructions properly if they can be machine washed or not. if so wash them using gentle washing cycle and cold water with mild detergent.
3. Non-Removable Covers: In case the canvas covers cannot be removed then they can be hand washed. Make sure to wash them on a clear sunny day using mild laundry detergent.
4.Cleaning Solution: Take a bucket and fill it out with approximately two gallons of warm water and add mild liquid detergent (1/2 cup) into it and mix well. Avoid bleach.
5.Scrub: Wet the sponge into the solution and rub the entire canvas with it. Make sure to rub the dirtiest areas like seams first.
6.Rinse: Clean and rinse the canvas using a garden hose and let it air dry completely. Avoid keeping colored furniture under direct sunlight as it may fade it.
7.Fabric: Once the fabric dries spray the water repellent and outdoor protector spar over it to keep it safe against various harmful outdoor elements.
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