How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions: Mold, Garden, Sunbrella & Covers

General Overview

Outdoor accessories like cushions attract dust and dirt quickly and need to keep properly maintained and cleaned in order to make them last longer. Improper maintenance of the outdoor cushions can make their life shorter and they will work just for a couple of years only.

What Is The Ideal Way To keep Outdoor Cushions Protected from Molds?

There are a number of ways to maintain and keep the outdoor cushions protected from molds. Few steps are mentioned below:
1.Waterproof: It is always recommended to choose waterproof outdoor cushions.
2.Silicon Spray: Silicon spray is an ideal way to prevent mildew and mold growth as the spray make the outdoor cushions weatherproof. Once washed spray the cushions again and allow them to air dry completely.
3.Vinyl/ Iron: Vinyl or iron covers keep outdoor cushions more protected against the entering of any type of moisture inside the cushion.
4.Covering: Get the clear plastic cover for the cushions to keep them protected against moisture.
5.Keep Inside: It is wise to keep cushions inside if it is raining.
6.Cleaner: Use a good quality cleaner to clean the cushions this will help in resting the growth of the mold and mildew.

Sunbrella/ Garden Covers

To clean Sunbrella garden cushion or covers follow the steps below:
1.Sunny Day: Always try to wash sunbrella garden cushions in hot sunny day.
2.Instructions: Read washing instructions properly labeled on the product.
3.Removable: In case of cushion covers are removable the best way is to machine wash them.
4.Air Dry: Sunbrella garden cushion covers must be air dried rather than machine drying as that may damage them.
5.Vacuum: Sunbrella cushions must be regularly vacuumed to avoid the dust and dirt build up.
6.Spills: The spills must be immediately wiped off.
7.Soapy Water: A mild solution of the soapy water can be used to clean the sunbrella cushions throughly.
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