How To Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally: Steps To Clean Antique Wood Furniture In A Natural Way

Steps To Clean Old/Antique Wood Furniture Naturally

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily clean the Old/Antique wood furniture product naturally:
  1. Remove Hardware And Cushions: Firstly the customers need to take away the furniture product from the walls and remove all the cushions and pillows from the furniture product.
  2. Clean The Furniture Product: After that the customers need to clean all the dust and debris particles from the surface of the furniture product by using a vacuum or a soft bristled brush. Then they need to use a soft damp cloth and wipe all the surface of the furniture product.
  3. Dilute White Vinegar With Water: Then the customers need to make a solution by using few spoons of vinegar and add that with the filtered water.
  4. Apply The Mixture: Then the customers need to use a soft cloth and soak it in the solution. Then they have to use a small quantity of solution and apply it all over the areas of the wood furniture product and the customers have to rub the cloth in round motion until the wood finish becomes visible.
  5. Wash The Furniture: And at last, the customers need to clean their product with clean water and allow it to dry for a few hours.
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