How To Clean Oak Veneer Doors: Easy Process & Items Needed For Cleaning Oak Veneer Doors

Easy Process & Items Needed For Cleaning Oak Veneer Doors

Interior oak doors will make your home look beautiful as well as attractive, bringing into existence a naturally classic aesthetic that works cordially with virtually any interior style. The appearance of a solid oak door is simply exceptional which is hard to beat, however, oak doors require a little bit of a TLC in order to keep them looking beautiful & attractive. Oak doors are regarded as one of the best & elegant doors that add a beautiful look to any property, but like many things they are vulnerable to stains and marks. Some of the main reasons for the stains to occur on your oak veneer doors at some point in time during their lifetime include external doors revealed to the outside environment or internal doors getting stains from children or pets. You can easily clean oak veneer doors provided you follow the correct cleaning & maintenance technique & use the right tools & make sure that your doors maintain a brand new look and finish.

Items Needed

  • Cleaning Soft Cloths
  • Washing Up Sponge
  • Clean Paintbrush (For The Grooves And Edges)
  • Clean Water & Washing Up Liquid
  • Olive Oil & Latex Gloves


  1. Wipe The Door: First of all, with the help of your clean, dry clothes, wipe & clean the door down in order to get rid of the dust and the majority of the light stains from the wood. It is important to follow the course of the wood’s natural grain, instead of cleaning across it, and ensure that the cloth is completely clean as well as free from oils or waxes.
  2. Pop On Your Gloves: The next step is to put on your gloves & then soak your cloth in some clean, warm water and squeeze it out in order to get rid of any excess moisture. Then, follow the same cleaning motion that you followed in the first step in order to smoothly rub & wipe away any stains, especially at the bottom of the door and around the handle.
  3. Washing-up Liquid: If in case some of the stubborn stains still exist, then set in the washing-up liquid. You simply need to mix a very small dash of washing-up liquid into your warm water, as a good amount of this liquid can damage your door. You can also make a mixture of a drop of white vinegar and a splash of olive oil, which will be very helpful in cleaning off any stubborn stains and also make your wood look shiny, but this is optional.
  4. Clean The Moisture: After that, soak your washing-up sponge in the mixture and squeeze it out in order to get rid of some of the excesses. Wring a handful of this mixture onto the surface of your oak door before wiping it across, still following the natural grain of the wood. It is important to use a clean, dry cloth to wipe & clean any remaining moisture straight away, due to the reason that water should not remain on the wood for too long.
  5. Remove Dust & Dirt: Finally, with the help of your paintbrush clean every side of your door’s trim, handle, as well as fill any natural cracks or gaps in the wood’s surface. This will help get rid of any last specks of dust and dirt from those hard-to-get places. Then, using a clean, dry cloth, clean your door handle and get rid of any dust and finger marks.
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