How To Clean Natural Wood Floors: Steps To Clean Unfinished & Hardwood Floors Naturally

General Overview

Wood flooring is the ideal addition to the homes or offices and looks purely beautiful and elegant. The flooring needs to be properly cleaned to make it last longer. It is always better to clean the wood flooring using natural cleaners rather than using the commercial ones as commercial cleaners are formulated with the harmful chemicals and the application of the same will result in damaging the wooden flooring.

Steps To Clean The Unfinished Natural Wood Floors

The various steps to clean the unfinished natural wood floors are discussed below:
1.Dusting: The dusting is very much important to clean the unfinished wood floors. Use a paintbrush to wipe off all the dust but ensure to use the paintbrush in the direction of the grain.
2.Wipe: Once the dusting is done wipe off the surface using a wet cloth in order to make scuffs and scratches disappear.
3.Sanding: The floor is required to be sanded using the 120- or 150-grit sandpaper hand sanding in the grain direction must be followed to remove the oily or greasy residue.
4.Acetone: If the floor is affected by the paint or dye stains use the acetone or lacquer thinner to remove them. Pour the solvent on the cloth and rub the stains using the same cloth.
5.Sanding: Once done, use 150-grit sandpaper to sand off the solvent leftover.

Steps To Clean The Hardwood Floor Staining Naturally

The best steps to clean the hardwood floor staining naturally are as follows:
1.Vinegar And Water Solution: Add some vinegar into the warm water to create the solution and apply the solution on the stain rub it to make the hardwood floor stain free and lustrous again.
2.Essential Oils: To eliminate the stains, as well as bad odor, create the blend of warm water, vinegar and few drops of the essential oil and mop the floor using a clean cloth dipped into the solution.
3.Plant-based Liquid Soap: The hardwood floor staining can also be cleaned using the plant-based liquid detergent, warm water, and vinegar mix all the three to make the floor clean and shiny again.
4.Tea Bags: Then prepare the tea bags and add few drops of the same to the stain to make it disappear completely.
5.Lemon And Olive Oil: Add Lemon juice and olive oil into the hot water and mix well. Mop the stained area with the same to make it new.
6.Dish Detergent: Pour dish detergent into the water and vinegar solution and rub the stained floor with a sponge or microfiber cloth to make it stain free.
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