How To Clean Natural Stone Countertops: Steps & Items Needed

The textured granite is a siliceous stone normally used for making the sinks, countertops, and floors. The textured granite is honed or flamed instead of polished, so it has a rougher & more matte finish. It doesn't matter which type of finish your granite countertop surfaces have, still, you should use a natural stone cleaner because the neutral pH averts wear and damage to your stone's countertop surface. You need to clean your textured granite surfaces on a regular basis to avert stains and maintain their appearance for many upcoming years.

Steps And Items Needed To Clean Natural Stone Countertops

If you want to clean natural stone countertops by yourself then you just need to gather the required items which are mentioned below. Here is the list of required items and two easy ways with step by step guide:

Things Needed For This Process

  • Broom, Dust Pan & Bucket
  • Natural Stone Cleaner Concentrate Or Spray
  • Mop, Towel & Cloth
  • Dish Detergent
  • Nylon Scrub Brush

Way 1: Countertops And Sinks

  • First of all, you need to blot any stains or spills with your damp cloth in order to remove as much soil as possible.
  • Now you need to spray your granite countertop surface with the help of a natural stone cleaner or dampen your cloth and then you need to apply 1-2 drops of the mild dish detergent to your cloth. Then you need to wipe your granite comprehensively to remove any spills or dirt. After that, scrub any tough stains with the help of a nylon scrub brush.
  • Finally you need to dampen your clean cloth with clean water & wipe your granite in order to remove any detergent residue and then dry your granite countertop with a clean cloth.

Way 2: Floors (Optional)

  • First of all, you need to sweep your floor thoroughly to remove all loose debris & dirt. Simply pick it up in your dustpan and throw it away.
  • The next thing is to fill your water bucket with 1 gallon of clean warm water and then you need to add stone cleaner according to the package guidance.
  • Now you need to immerse your mop into your cleaning solution and then you need to wring it out. Your mop should be damp but not dripping. Then you need to mop your floor starting at one corner of your room & work your way across. Finally, rinse and wring your mop as repeatedly as needed. Then you need to allow your floor to air dry completely or dry it with the help of a towel.


  • Don't use any harsh abrasives or strong cleaners on your textured granite.
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