How To Clean Leather Sofas: White, Cream, Baking Soda, Pen Marks, Naturally

Ways To Clean White/Cream Leather Sofa Using Baking Soda Naturally

Although the leather furniture is durable and strong it's prone to get stains as it absorbs the oils and other dirt and requires proper cleaning method to clean stains and make it look beautiful always. Stains on white/cream leather are easily visible and need immediate treatment.
1.Rubbing Alcohol/Nail Polish Remover: Rubbing stains using nail polish remover or Alcohol make sure not to spread much. Once the stains are removed wipe the area using a cloth dipped in mild detergent soapy water.
2.Baking Soda/ Cornstarch: The another natural way to clean stains caused by grease or oil is to apply the baking soda or cornstarch over the stain and followed by rubbing smoothly and allow it to set there for overnight. The stain will get disappeared as baking soda or starch have a capability to absorb the stains. Once it is done gently rub the area using a soft cloth.
3.ToothPaste: Toothpaste is another natural way to get rid of the leather sofa stains just apply non-gel toothpaste on the stained area and smoothly scrub it using a smooth cloth and let it dry then remove all the residue.
4.Lemon Juice: Create the blend of the lemon juice and tartar cream and apply the paste over the stained area and let it sit over it for 30 minutes and clean it.
Note: Once the stain is removed the proper clean application of the good quality leather conditioner will keep the leather sofa protected from a number of harmful things like cracks and dryness.

Pen Marks

Some easy steps to clean the pen marks from the sofa are as follows:
1.Wipe Ink: Clean the ink using dry paper without spreading it.
2.Solution: Add the small amount of the moisturizing soap with water and apply this to the stain and rub it smoothly using a soft cloth.
3.Alcohol: Dip the soft cloth in Alcohol and rub it over the stain this can also remove the pen marks from the leather couches.
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