How To Clean Lamp Shades: Easy Ways Of Cleaning Lamp Shades

Easy Ways Of Cleaning The Lamp Shades

Keeping the lampshades clean and getting rid of stains will help them to last longer. The cleaning can also improve the lighting’s efficiency. It is a good idea to regularly clean the lampshades, give yourself a pat on the back. Cleaning the lampshades is not that difficult. When the lampshade gets very dirty, some of them can be washed in a soapy bath, then let it air dry. Below the user can find the cleaning process of all types of lampshades:

Fabric Lampshade

  1. The first step is to turn the lamp off and leave it to cool. Remove off the shade.
  2. The next thing is to remove as much dust as possible. If in case the material is sturdy enough, then use the vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment to perform the cleaning. Otherwise, the user can use a clean lint roller or simply a paintbrush and sweep dust off in the long and vertical motions from the lampshade from top to bottom direction. The paintbrushes work particularly well for pleated type fabric shades.
  3. If in case the fabric is glued on, then the user can immerse the entire lampshade in the tub of cold, soapy water, and then gently swirl the shade to remove the additional dirt. It is advisable to not let it soak in the water. Rinse thoroughly, with only the cold clean water, pat it dry and leave it to air-dry before securing it back to the lamp base.
  4. For the stains gently brush them with the help of a special sponge for dry-cleaning. Those kind of sponges are great for removing any stains from wallpaper as well as from the fabric blinds.

Paper Or Parchment Lamp Shades

  1. Again turn off the lamp and leave it fully cool.
  2. Remove the dust, since the paper or parchment lampshades cannot be immersed in water, the user can dust them well with the help of a microfiber cloth. If the dye is colorfast that time spot test on a hidden rim to find out, the user can lightly dampen the cloth and then wipe away additional grime from the shade.
  3. In order to remove greasy stains firmly press a piece of crustless white bread against the affected area. Rotate the bread to a clean spot then again dab it until the stain is removed.

Plastic Or Fiberglass Lamp Shades

Remove the lampshade then start dusting it inside and out with the help of a damp microfiber cloth. In a sink get some warm soapy water and wash it. Add some of the white vinegar to the water if the shade is very greasy. Rinse well and leave to dry.

Glass Lamp Shades

The glass lampshades can be easily washed in the dishwasher right on the top rack. There is no need to clean it separately from other dishes, but it is advisable to don’t crowd the machine. If the user doesn’t have a dishwasher, that time clean it in a tub of warm, soapy water. Again put white vinegar to the water if the glass shade is greasy, then rinse and quickly hand-dry it.

Clean Lampshades On A Routine Basis

  • Once the user has taken the time to wash the lampshades, then they want to make sure that the lampshade should stay clean. For the routine lampshade, maintenance use the same method regardless of what material the shades are made from.
  • Leave the lampshade in place and then make sure the bulb is cool.
  • Wipe down the lampshade from inside as well as from outside with the help of a dry microfiber cloth. Alternatively, the user can use a vacuum cleaner attachment, this can be especially the best option for pleated shades.
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