How To Clean Kraftmaid Cabinets: Different Ways Of Cleaning Kraftmaid Cabinets

Different Ways Of Cleaning Kraftmaid Cabinets

KraftMaid cabinets are always mentioned among the best pieces of cabinets for easy care as well as maintenance considering the fact that you are cleaning the cabinets at regular intervals. Like any other cabinet piece, the sooner you clean up stray food splatter on these types of cabinets, the easier it is to eliminate. KraftMaid usually suggests cleaning using mild products including Murphy Oil Soap with the help of a soft, lint-free cloth. Some of the best ways of cleaning KraftMaid cabinets are mentioned below:

Way 1: Dusting And Daily Maintenance

You always need to keep dusting your KraftMaid cabinets regularly with the help of a damp lint-free microfiber or cotton cloth in order to make them neat & clean. The best option is to use a white cotton cloth, due to the reason that some brighter or darker colors may ooze dye onto the cabinet finish. After dusting, cleanse those areas that look damp with the help of a dry lint-free cloth in order to stop moisture damage. Remember that a little moisture will not have any adverse effect on the cabinets, however, excessive moisture, like water drips that run betwixt boards frequently, could have harmful effects on the plywood or otherwise damage the cabinets. It is also recommended to hang wet hand towels in a place where it will not have any contact with the cabinet surface. Extended exposure to moisture can also be very harmful to some cabinet surfaces or may ruin the finish.

Way 2: Cleaning Up Messes

If in case you have to deal with spilled, sprayed, or splattered messes, then make sure to cleanse them instantly with the help of a clean damp sponge or dishcloth. As far as difficult messes are concerned, you can use a little mild dish soap on the sponge. Clean and squeeze out the sponge, then cleanse the area again, with the help of a dry lint-free cloth. Make sure not to use harsh materials including abrasive cleansers or even a nylon scrub pad due to the reason that these may be harmful to the cabinet finish.

Way 3: A Thorough Cleaning

Each & every kitchen, as well as a bathroom, needs a floor-to-ceiling cleaning from time to time. Clean the Kraftmaid unframed cabinets using a combination of warm water and oil soap solution. Put on 1 gallon of hot tap water in a clean bucket, then fill another bucket midway with clean water. After that, put on a few caps full of oil soap to the first bucket, fizzling it around a bit with the help of a sponge or white cotton cloth. Soak the sponge in the soapy water, then squeeze out the majority of the moisture. Cleanse the cabinet doors, tops, as well as frames with the help of a sponge. Clean them instantly afterward with the help of a sponge soaked into the water-only bucket, squeezing out the sponge first. Deep cleaning is an ideal way if you want to get rid of items from the cabinets as well, this way you can perfectly wash the insides of cabinets as well as drawers. Make all the cabinetry air dry, and with the help of a lint-free cloth clean any excess moisture if in case any part of the cabinet looks too wet.

Way 4: Cleaning KraftMaid Cabinet Doors

KraftMaid cabinet doors need good care, particularly those having glass inserts. Clean the glass by spreading the best glass cleaner instantly to a white lint-free cloth rather than spraying the glass as runoff could seep betwixt the glass and door framework and can be harmful to the door. Clean the door as well as the drawer hardware using a mild soap and water, with the help of a lint-free cloth in order to buff the metal dry. Make sure to avoid using typical metal polishes on the cabinet hardware, due to the reason that these may comprise chemicals that could damage the door and drawer pulls.
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