How To Clean High Pile Carpet: Two Easy Ways Of Cleaning Shag Rug Or High Pile Carpet

Two Easy Ways Of Cleaning Shag Rug Or High Pile Carpet

Shag carpet is considered any kind of carpet or rug having a high or deep pile. The pile is the section & segment of the carpet that fastens or causes to adhere to from the surface of the floor, creating the texture of the rug. A shag carpet is easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold on the feet and brings a kind of cushion on the floor into existence. A distinguishing quality or characteristic of all shag rugs is the deep pile. Conventional woven rugs including a Persian or a rag rug have a very low pile. Some floor coverings including the standard welcome mat have a thick, high pile composed of dense, coarse material.

Way 1: Cleaning Stains With Vinegar

  • Firstly, mix a cleaning solution by simply using equal parts of lukewarm water & plain white vinegar to create a homemade mixture for cleaning your shag rug. The plain white vinegar has much cleaning equity but the vinegar needs to be diluted a bit in clean water in order to be used effectively & safely in your home.
  • Next, you need to use a microfiber cloth to clean any stain. Dip your clean microfiber cloth into your white vinegar cleaning solution and now start your work with the cleaner into your shag rug. Rub any stain quite vigorously (though avert damaging or breaking the long shag rug fibers) until the stain deplete according to your satisfaction.
  • Let your shag rug wholly dry. Once you have finished your scrubbing process, you will need to let your shag rug dry completely before you start to use it like normal again. The drying process can take up to 2 days (48 hours) or even longer depends on the size of your shag rug & the thickness of its fibers.

Way 2: Dry Carpet Shampoo

  • Simply, sprinkle some dry carpet shampoo on your shag rug. Mildly shake a bit of your dry carpet shampoo onto your shag rug but be careful never to overdo it and not to apply too much amount of your dry shampoo. A light sprinkling will do this work easily.
  • Work your shampoo in and for that, you just need to use a brush to work your dry shampoo grime into the fibers of your shag rug. The more you work with your shampoo into your rug, the better it will do at cleaning your rug.
  • Let the applied shampoo sit. The dry carpet shampoo needs a few hours to work accurately. Let the applied shampoo sit on your shag rug for roughly 60 minutes before you begin your removal process.
  • The final step is to vacuum up the remnants. You just need to use your handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum up all the residue of your dry carpet shampoo cleaning. Carefully & gently vacuum your shag rug to avert damaging the long shag rug fibers.

What Is The Best Vacuum For A Shag Rug Or High Pile Carpet?

The vacuum that is exceptionally best for shag carpet is also the best for any high-pile carpet. Long or high pile carpets can come across many difficulties that can be a great concern for owners who are looking to keep a clean house. A heavy vacuum will be extremely hard to move over a high-pile carpet, which as a result makes it highly possible that the wheels of the vacuum may get stuck in the fibers of the carpet and make it hard to maneuver. A heavy vacuum will also typically have a head that's very hard to wield, which in turn makes it tough to direct it in the necessary back and forth motion. A lightweight vacuum having medium suction and a soft brush is a great choice.
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