How To Clean Hardwood Floors After Sanding: Steps To Clean Wooden Floors Without & After Sanding

Steps To Clean Hardwood Floors After Sanding

After sanding cleaning the hardwood floors is a time-consuming task. The steps are mentioned below to clean hardwood floors after sanding:
  1. Use A Vacuum: The first step is to clean the dust particles from the hardwood floor surface. Firstly use a broom to sweep the debris particles and then vacuum the floor.
  2. Use A Damp Rag: The leftover dust particles can be cleaned from the floor surface by using a damp rag. The customer needs to hold the damp rag in one direction to clean the floor surface.
  3. Use A Wood Cleaner: When all the dust is cleaned from the floor then the last step is to apply the wood cleaner on the floor. Spray wood cleaner on the clean rag and smoothly clean the surface of the floor in a circular direction.

Steps To Clean Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Without sanding the hardwood floor customer can clean the scratches from the floor surface by buffing and recoating. The steps are given below to clean hardwood floors without sanding:
  1. Check: The first step is to check the floor surface. If there exists wax finish on the floor surface then the buffing and coating does not work on the wax finish and causes ugly bubbles.
  2. Repair: Then next step is to repair the floor surface. If the nails of the floorboard are projecting outwards then use a hammer and fix them.
  3. Remove The Dust: Remove the dust from the floor surface by using a floor cleaner and clean the surface by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Leave the floor to dry.
  4. Scuff: Then scuff the floor lightly by using a buffing machine.
  5. Vacuum: Remove dust particles from the cracked areas of the floorboards by using a vacuum.
  6. Oil Finish: Then oil finish is applied along the edges and the center of the floor by using a brush at the edges and roller at the center.
  7. Dry: Finally wait and allow the finish to dry and then apply a second coat of finish.
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