How To Clean Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors: Steps

Steps to Clean Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily clean the Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors:
  1. Make A Soap Solution: The customers need to start by making the solution of the liquid soap and the warm water in the large bucket. They need to continuously stir the solution until the soap is completely dissolved in the warm water. The liquid soap will usually act as the gentle disinfectant that does not bring any damage to the hardwood floors.
  2. Add Vinegar To The Soap Solution: The customers then need to use white vinegar and add it to the soap solution. The customers then need to stir the soap solution again until the vinegar gets dissolved completely.
  3. Use The Soft Mop: The customers need to use the soft mop and soak it into the soap solution. The customers then have to squeeze the mop in order to draw out all the excess water. They need to clean the hardwood floor small amount of the water in order to protect the hardwood floor from the water damage.
  4. Rub The Dampen Mop: The customers then need to rub the Dampen mop all over the hand scraped area on the hardwood floors by using it gently in order to gather all the debris particles from the hardwood floor. The customers finally need to let the hardwood floor dry completely.
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