How To Clean Grease Stains Off Wood Table: Steps/Methods To Remove Grease Stains

Methods/Steps To Remove Grease Stains

Wood tables look good in our homes and it is useful in our daily lives but some times the cleaning process of the wood table is not so easy because of different types of stains like grease stains, cold drink stains, and other kinds of stains, but don't worry just follow the given steps/methods to clean your wood table within a short period of time.

Method 1: Using Dish Soap

  1. Combine: First you need to combine dish soap and warm water in a large bucket or container. This dish soap mixture is very effective for cleaning up the oily messes.
  2. Soak: Dip or soak a soft sponge or washcloth in the created mixture.
  3. Scrub: Now scrub the affected area on the wood table in order to clean the grease stains. Use tight, circular motions to get rid of the grease from the surface of your wood table. Clean or change the sponge or cloth if it is too dirty.
  4. Clean: Now, rinse the wood table with fresh water. Wet a new, clean sponge and wipe the surface of your table again. It will help you to remove any remaining soap solution. When you’re finished, use an absorbent towel to wipe the table. Finally make sure to dry the table completely.

Method 2: Using Vinegar

  1. Spray Bottle: Firstly, use vinegar that needs to be filled in a spray bottle. In order to get the best result, use pure apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar. Add an equal amount of water (warm) and shake the bottle to blend both ingredients. Add some more drops of fresh lemon juice or liquid dish soap.
  2. Spray The Vinegar: After you created a mixture, spray the vinegar over the grease stain on your wood table. You can also use a large amount of this mixture no need to worry it won't damage your wood table.
  3. Give Time: Allow the vinegar to sit for nearly 10-15 minutes. When it sits, it will begin to break down the grease stains into a liquid form.
  4. Wipe: Wipe away the liquid form of stains with a sponge or damp washcloth. Don't apply too much pressure on it.
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