How To Clean Fluorescent Light Covers: Proper Procedure Of Cleaning Plastic Fluorescent Light Cover

Proper Procedure Of Cleaning A Yellow Plastic Fluorescent Light Covers

The abundance of light that the fluorescent lighting fixture presents on the room will make you feel happy & relaxed, however, it is highly possible that the plastic cover that protects the fluorescent light will become a dingy shade of yellow. Some of the white plastic fixture covers consist of a mixture of chemicals that are especially designed to be heat-resistant as well as flame-retardant. However, the result is that these plastics yellow with age, heat or elongated exposure to light. There is no harm to you or any family member in your home from a yellowed plastic cover, but the unattractive shade may displease your design senses. Therefore, you need to collect a few household items and restore the cover to its once-pristine whiteness.
  1. Remove The Light Cover Carefully: First of all, switch off the light before removing the light cover carefully. For the light fixture that is on the ceiling, it is important to mount on a stepladder or taller ladder to remove the light cover safely. If the cover is held in place with the help of screws, then you need to place the screws in a small juice glass in order to make sure that they will be easy to find and won’t roll away.
  2. Select Sunny Spot & Wear Goggles & Gloves: Take your materials outside and select a sunny spot in your yard or on your patio. Wear goggles in order to protect your eyes and pull on gloves to safeguard your hands.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide: Take a large bucket & fill it with hydrogen peroxide, leaving at least 5 to 6 inches of space from the top of the bucket. If your light fixture cover is too large that will not go in a bucket, then you can use a child’s hard-plastic swimming pool in order to soak the cover, which will clearly need a lot more hydrogen peroxide. You can add the peroxide to water, however, it may take the peroxide longer when it comes to restoring the white color. Add nearly 1/4 teaspoon of an Oxy-boosting detergent for each gallon of peroxide used.
  4. Immerse The Yellowed Light Cover Into The Solution: Dip or submerge the yellowed plastic light cover into the solution before allowing it to soak in the sun for nearly 3 to 6 hours. If it’s not possible to dip the entire cover in the solution, then you need to turn the cover over midway through the soaking time. At the end of the assigned time period, wear your gloves and goggles back and pull the cover out in order to ascertain or establish if it is restored to its original color. If nooks as well as crannies are still yellowed, dip the cover again as long as it’s the desired shade of white.
  5. Rinse And Wash: Rinse the cover and bucket using cool water from a garden hose. Wash the light fixture cover and bucket using water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Rinse them as long as the water runs clear. Dry the cover completely with the help of a lint-free cloth before replacing it over the lights.
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