How To Clean Engineered Stone Countertops: Two Easy Methods Of Cleaning & Maintaining Stone Countertops

Two Easy Methods Of Cleaning & Maintaining Engineered Stone Countertop

If you have an engineered stone countertop(quartz) and you want to remove any stain, spills from it, but you don't know how to perform this task, then don't worry we will help you to get rid of this problem. You just need to go through the two easy given methods. Here are the 2 easy methods with step by step guide:

Method 1: Dealing With Basic Spills And Messes

  • Firstly, you need to wet a washcloth with warm & soapy water. In order to keep your quartz countertops clean, you normally won’t need anything more practical than a moderate soap solution. Commonly, it is best to use a mild dish detergent that doesn’t contain any type of harsh chemicals or stringent. These substances can wear down your quartz with repeated use.
  • Next start wiping down the affected area. Go over the surface of your stone countertop by using smooth & circular motions. The majority of messes will come right off with little achievement. For the dried or the sticky residue, you just need to apply more soap solution as needed.
  • Then you need to rinse your countertop with the freshwater. Wring out & rewet your cloth or sponge, then you need to go back over your countertops one more time to clear away any last traces of your applied soap. Simply soak up standing water with your paper towel and allow your quartz countertop to air dry.
  • Finally you need to clean up spills as soon as they appear. Commercial type of quartz countertop is non-porous, which means it won’t absorb & lock-in stains. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to address the spills, crumbs, and other messes before they have no chance to set up on the surface. This will also save you the trouble of employing more comprehensive measures later on.

Method 2: Deep-Cleaning Quartz

  • Firstly, scrape off hardened messes. You may infrequently have predicament removing the crusty & dried-on gunk with just soap and clean water. In these positions, you can also chip away at the spot by simply using the plastic scraper. It will also help you to spray your gunk with warm water in order to soften it & make it accessible to lift off with little elbow grease.
  • You can break down any stubborn residue by using a vinegar solution. With time, mineral deposits & food particles from hard water which can cause a film to develop on your countertops that a normal wipe-down may just smudge around. A little distilled white vinegar can also cut right through with this film. You just need to combine equal parts of vinegar & water in your spray bottle, mist your entire counter surface and then simply run your soft kitchen sponge over it to leave behind the streak-free shine.
  • You can also treat tougher stains with the profession cleaning products. Did you ever need to remove any more troublesome items like the glue, ink, chewing gum, ink, or an oil-based stain remover like goo gone? Then you need to apply the cleaner gently to your countertops & let it sit for a few minutes, then simply rub out the mess & the leftover cleaner by using your damp cloth.
  • Then spray your countertops systematically with the help of glass cleaner. As the quartz countertop ages, the clear resin sealant will start to present cloudy. A spritz of glass cleaner will help you to reduce some of the murkiness by leaving the finish looking sparkling & polished. This is also a good project to complete about once in a whole month, or whenever you notice that your stone countertops no longer shine like they were before.
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