How To Clean Dog Vomit From Wool Rug: Steps & Items Needed To Get Rid Of Dog Vomit

Steps And Items Needed To Get Rid Of Dog Vomit From Wool Rug

When your dog vomits on your wool rug or carpet, act speedily to remove the dog vomit and lessen the probability of the vomit stains. The acid found in dog vomit can be enough damaging to wool rug or carpet, but don't worry it can be easily removed. Using store-bought vomit cleaner or homemade cleaner will work for the most stains, but in order to clean tough stains, you need to use a professional carpet cleaner that may be indispensable. If you want to get rid of dog vomit from wool rug then you just need to collect all the given items and follow all the given steps. Here is the list of required items and steps for this process:

Things You Will Need

  • Baking Soda
  • A Roll Of Paper Towels
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Table Salt
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Carpet Cleaning Solution

Steps For This Process

  • Firstly, you need to use your paper towels to remove as much of the dog vomit as possible. Pick up the bulk of dog vomit with 2-3 dry, folded paper towels, but be careful that not to squash vomit particles down into your wool rug carpet.
  • Next you need to clean your carpeted area with cold water. Fill your spray bottle with some cold water & spray down your carpeted area. By using your towel, simply start blotting and dabbing dog vomit until the moisture and chunks are essentially gone. With each of the blot & dab, just make sure to use the clean section of your towel, you may also need more than one towel if the vomit area is large enough.
  • Simply mix 1 tbsp of table salt and 2 cups of warm water. Now that the dog vomit is mostly gone from your rug, prepare your homemade carpet cleaner to finish cleaning your carpeted area. Now you need to warm-up about 2 cups of water in your bowl(large microwave-safe) or cup. Next, you need to stir in 1 tbsp of salt & then continue stirring until the salt is completely dissolved.
  • You need to add 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 1 tbsp detergent, and 2 tbsp of the rubbing alcohol. Add all these ingredients to your salt and water mixture and simply mix these ingredients together in your bowl or cup.
  • Wet your clean kitchen sponge with your homemade solution. Dip your clean sponge frequently in your cleaning solution to penetrate it with your cleaning substance. You will use this step to continue cleaning your carpeted area. Again, if the dog vomit area is large enough then you may need more than one sponge.
  • Use your sponge to wipe the rest of the dog vomit away from the wool rug. By using small strokes, remove the rest of the dog vomit and any stains with your damp kitchen sponge. Just like earlier process, with every dab & stroke, use a clean area of your sponge.
  • Each time you stroke your affected area with your sponge, you will be removing dog vomit.
  • Rinse your sponge in your sink with some warm water if it becomes wholly dirty.
  • You will likely want to throw away the sponge that you have used.
  • You just need to sprinkle your carpeted area with baking soda. Now that dog vomit is cleaned up, sprinkle the carpeted area with baking soda, completely covering your vomit affected area you just cleaned & this will make your rug get rid any smells and will help your wool rug dry.
  • Finally you need to vacuum your baking soda once dry as this will take a few hours for the baking soda on your rug to dry, and it will become clumpy. Keep your pets away from the carpeted area during this time. Once your area is entirely dry, then you need to use your vacuum cleaner to wholly suck up your baking soda.
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