How To Clean Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar: Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Crystal Chandelier

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning The Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar

The Crystal Chandeliers gets a lot of dust with the span of time. The user can make a cleaning solution from the vinegar with some of the basic household ingredients in order to clean the chandelier. The step by step process of cleaning the crystal chandelier with vinegar is mentioned below:
  1. The first step is to switch off the light and leave the bulbs to cool down. Switch off all the lights which control the power supply for the chandelier. Proceed with the process only after the light bulbs on the fixture are cool to the touch.
  2. Prepare the area, until the bulbs will become cool, prepare the workspace. Position a drop cloth on the floor that is under the chandelier, and also place up a ladder securely underneath the crystal chandelier. In order to prevent any parts from dropping as well as from breaking, lay down a very thick blanket so that they can absorb the fall. Ensure that the ladder is at the proper height which is comfortable for the user so that they can get on to all parts of the chandelier.
  3. Use the glass cleaner and the soft cotton cloth. Working on the ladder, spray-off a glass cleaner on the cotton cloth that is clean as well as soft and then wipe down each of the crystal with the help of the damp cloth, then quickly dry it using a separate dry cloth.
  4. Clean all of the crystals very carefully. Work all around the chandelier so that every crystal is cleaned for the first step with the cleaner and the cloth, wiping off using the damp cloth or with the glove and take a cloth to dry it .
  5. Now the user needs to make a solution by combining the 2 cups of the warm water with the 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol and also 2 tbsp of the dishwasher spot remover, mix all the items in a spray bottle and then shake them properly. The solution that is prepared can be used for cleaning of the chandelier's metal as well as the glass cover pieces.
  6. Take another spray bottle and make another solution by mixing 1 cup of the warm water and the same quantity of vinegar and shake spray bottle. Apply this mixture on the lightbulbs.
  7. Clean the crystal chandelier by covering all of the lightbulbs in the sandwich bags as well as clamping them shut using a rubber band. Apply the solution on the chandelier, firstly scrub away all of the dust using a rag. Once the crystal chandelier is fully wiped clean remove the baggies, and finally gently rub off with the help of the vinegar solution on all the bulbs.
  8. Clean off all the light bulbs in the fixture with the help of a clean and dry cloth. Ensure that all of the bulbs are screwed correctly and don’t look discolored.
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