How To Clean Cowhide Leather: Steps To Clean Cowhide Leather Bag, Rug & Furniture

General Overview

Cowhide leather is a versatile material and is used in the manufacturing process of a number of items like furniture, rugs, etc. The good thing about this leather is that it is really easy to maintain and does not need special cleaners to clean. The leather can be easily cleaned with the soap water and neat cloth.

Steps To Clean Cowhide Leather Bag, Rug And Furniture?

As said earlier the cow leather does not need any tough cleaning process and can be easily maintained. Few steps to clean cow leather products are mentioned below:
1.Soft Brush: Get the soft brush to remove the dirt and dust built up prior to cleaning.
2.Warm Water: Take two separate bowls and add warm water to both of them. One should be used for rinsing purpose and other for the cleaning purpose.
3.Dish Soap: Add mild soap into one of the warm water bowls and mix it finely to make it the soapy solution for cleaning purpose.
4.Scrub And Rinse: The clean cloth must be dipped into the soapy solution and squeeze it properly. Now rub the damp cloth over the cow leather product like furniture, rug, or bag finely. Make sure to clean the piece in small sections rather than all at once. Clean each section with unused new cloth avoid using repeated cloth for cleaning.
5.Air Dry: Allow the leather product air dry completely but make sure not to expose it to the direct sunlight.
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