How To Clean Cherry Wood Furniture: Easy Steps

General Overview

Cleaning cherry wood furniture is a simple task that only needs proper knowledge of which cleaning technique and cleanser is most suited to the furniture. The cleaning cherry wood only requires a few tools and the systematic techniques to get it done. The furniture made up of the solid cherry wood is expensive and needs to be maintained properly to make it run for the long.

Easy Steps To Clean Cherry Wood Furniture

1.Murphy's Oil Soap: Create the solution using Murphy's Oil Soap and distilled water. For preparation, the 1/4 cup of the soap needs to be blended with the One gallon of the distilled water in a bucket.
2.Application: Apply this cleaning solution over the piece of the lint-free cloth to rub the furniture with same in grain directions and gently.
3.Wipe Off Excess: Wipe Off Excess solution using a dry cloth.
4.Dry: Allow for the furniture to dry for approximately thirty minutes.
5.Scratch Repairs: Repair any scratches on the cherry wood furniture by applying the iodine directly over the affected area using a cotton ball.
Note: If the furniture is made up of the light colored cherry wood just apply the iodine mixed with denatured alcohol over the scratches if any directly over it in little amounts. The excess application needs to be avoided.
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