How To Clean Body Oil From Leather Furniture: Steps To Remove Body Oil From Leather Couch

Steps To Remove Body Oil From Leather Furniture/Couch

Here are some of the steps by which a customer can easily clean the body oils from the leather Furniture/Couch product:
  1. Remove The Oil: Firstly the customers need to clean up the remaining oil with the paper towel and then gently make the paper towel to absorb the excess oil but they should not rub the spot as it can easily spread to some other areas of the furniture product.
  2. Using The Corn Starch: Then the customers have to apply a good amount of the corn starch over the stain and then have to rub the corn starch with their fingers until the customers won't feel any heat while rubbing the corn starch. The heat helps the corn starch to easily absorb the oil.
  3. Cover The Powder: Then wrap the corn starch powder and that oil stain with the plastic cover and let it there for a whole night.
  4. Vaccum It: On the next day the customers should clean the corn starch powder by using a vacuum or by using a hand broom for cleaning the whole corn starch powder from the surface of the leather furniture product.
  5. Wipe The Surface: After that, the customers should clean the stained area by using a damp cloth and they should further examine the leather furniture product to find out any further stains.
  6. Using Mineral Spirits: While examining the leather furniture product if the customer finds out that the oil stains still persists then the customers should use the mineral spirits. Customers should wet the cloth with the mineral spirit and rub it smoothly over that oil stain. Then the customers should Sprinkle some more corn starch powder on that oil stain and let the powder uncovered on the leather furniture product for a whole night and then clean the corn starch powder on the very next day.
  7. Apply The Conditioner: And at last, the customers must use the leather conditioner once all oil stains are gone.
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