How To Clean An Awning On A House: Cleaning Canvas, Vinyl & Aluminum Awning

Cleaning Canvas, Vinyl & Aluminum Awning & Items Needed

Awnings are best to enjoy beautiful days without facing any harsh rays of the sun but your awnings will begin to break down if you don’t keep it clean properly. Cleaning your awning is not an easy task to perform but you don't need to worry, we are here to help you in cleaning the three types of awnings i.e Canvas, Vinyl & Aluminum Awning. Before moving towards the cleaning process, first, collect certain items required for the process:

Things You’ll Need

  • Brush Or Sponge
  • Ladder
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Detergent
  • Commercial Cleaner

Cleaning Canvas Awning

  1. First mix mild laundry soap (3 ounces) & water(lukewarm) in a new bucket. Mix this soap and water solution in your bucket until it begins to foam.
  2. If you see that you are not able to reach your awning easily then you need to set up a ladder but the ladder should be the befitting size for the height of the awning. Position the ladder feet correctly, and set up any safety features which comes with your ladder.
  3. Remove any debris from your awning before using the cleaning solution. Clean any cobwebs, leaves, etc on the awning. You may also need to use a broom to “sweep” off any debris.
  4. Scrub it and then, you have to wet your awning with the spray bottle or garden hose. Once finished then saturate a stiff scrub brush in your cleaning solution. Then use your brush to scrub your awning in a circular motion. Only apply your cleaning soap solution to the area in which you are going to work.
  5. Next you need to rinse off your awning. You need to use your garden hose to rinse off your awning from the soapy solution if the hose is not available then you have to fill a clean bucket with water and then pour it on your awning. Let your awning air dry when you rinse it properly.

Washing Vinyl Awning

  1. You need to use a commercial cleaner such as vinyl or fabric cleaner will work best. Fill the cleaner in a spray bottle and then spray your cleaner over the entirety of your awning in an even mist. Begin applying your cleaner to the bottom of your awning and work to the top. The cleaner works best if you don’t wet your awning before using it.
  2. Scrub your awning with a sponge. You may also need to use your soft or medium bristled brush. Begin to scrub your awning while your cleaning solution is still wet. Scrub your entire awning.
  3. Next you need to spray your awning with a garden hose. Use your garden hose or a bucket full of water to rinse the applied cleaner. Make sure that you’ve rinsed the awning comprehensively because it will develop a chalky film on your awning if your cleaner hasn't been washed off. Allow your awning to fully air dry.

Cleaning An Aluminum Awning

  1. Hose down your awning by making all of your awnings wet before you begin your cleaning process. If you don't have a hose then you can use your bucket of water or the spray bottle to finish this job. Make sure your awning is still wet before you apply the cleaning solution.
  2. Mix water & solvent and then fill your bucket with water. Take a dissolvable solvent that will work on the aluminum. Pour a suitable solvent into your water bucket. The amount of your solvent depends on the product, so check the label of your solvent more for instructions.
  3. Next scrub your awning, submerge your brush into the water and solvent cleaning solution you've created. Begin to scrub your awning. Continue to scrub until you have cleaned your whole awning.
  4. Finally you need to rinse off your applied cleaning solution from your awning. Use your garden hose and simply rinse off your awning but be sure that you rinse off every part that you used your cleaning solution. A film will appear on your awning if you don't rinse it off properly.
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