How To Clean A White Couch: Leather, Fabric, Oxiclean, Microfiber, Naturally

General Overview

The white sofa looks elegant in any room but is prone to get dirty and stained and needs proper cleaning. It is very important to properly analyze the sofa upholstery before cleaning it as different upholstery requires different cleaning methods.

How To Clean White Fabric Sofa Naturally?

  1. Vacuum: The sofa needs to be deeply vacuumed to remove all the stayed dirt and grime before cleaning.
  2. Stains: The fresh stains are supposed to be immediately cleaned with the baking soda paste that can be prepared using water and baking soda. The stains caused by the wine can be removed by adding salt. Other types of stains and to remove the grease stains corn starch work like a miracle.
  3. Foam Cleanser: This can be prepared by 1/2 cup of the mild detergent with 1/4 cup of the water and make it into the paste using an electric mixer.
  4. Cleaning: Use foam cleanser to clean sofa entirely using a rag dipped into the same.
  5. Dry: Let the sofa dry and follow up by the vacuum.


One should follow the below-mentioned steps while cleaning the leather sofa:
  1. Nail Polish Remover: The ink stain can be removed by dipping the small cotton ball in to nail polish remover or alcohol and rubbing it on the stain. Make sure, not to spread it.
  2. Baking Soda: If the leather sofa is stained with the grease than the baking soda and cornstarch works best for it. All is needed to rub the paste over the grease and allow it to sit over for a night and clean it with the soft cloth.
  3. Toothpaste: Cleaning stains using toothpaste is another natural way to deal with stains on the leather sofa. First, dampen the area and apply the no gel toothpaste over it and scrub it using a soft toothbrush. Follow it by cleaning with the dry towel.
  4. Lemon Juice: Prepare the paste using lemon juice and cream of tartar let it stay over the stain for nearly 30 hours and rub it with the cloth.

How To Clean A White Couch With Oxiclean?

The steps to Remove the stains from the white couch using OxiClean are as follows:
  1. Fill the bucket with 1-16 ounces of water and add OxiClean to it and create the proper blend.
  2. Avoid using Oxiclean directly over the furniture instead pour it over the white towel and apply it over the stained area to blot the stain.
    Note: Make sure to read all the instructions properly before application.


    The steps to clean microfiber couch are as follows:
    1. Soapy Water: Add mild detergent into the water and create the soapy solution and pour it into the spray bottle and mix it well.
    2. White Vinegar: The pinch of the baking soda and cap of the white vinegar into the soapy solution and create the proper blend by mixing it.
    3. Apply: Spray the solution on the stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes and rub it using a clean cloth.
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