How To Clean A Vintage Wool Rug: Step By Step Process Of Cleaning A Vintage Wool Rug

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning A Vintage Wool Rug

The wool is a natural & durable fiber for your rugs. The wool rug is durable, stain-resistant, and the best thing is that your wool rug is environmentally friendly. The life span of your wool rug is near about 50 years if cared properly. Nonetheless, there are some things you should keep in mind to keep your wool rug clean always, like vacuuming repeatedly, blot spills instantly, and also use a steamer at least once a year. If you’ve recently purchased your home and you might choose the wool shag rugs which are also called flokati rugs, to warm your bare floors in some of your house rooms. You can easily shake your small wool rug to keep it clean always but your larger rugs always require vacuuming. In order to clean a vintage wool rug, go through the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  • Shake Off The Dust: Start by taking the wool rug outside and then shake off all the dust and the debris particles that have collected on the surface of the rug. But you need to make sure that the rug is completely dry wherever you will shake it as the wool fibers tend to be very delicate and that is why they can get damaged easily if it remains wet.
  • Use The Vacuum: Then, it is time to run the vacuum cleaner all over the surface of the rug in the V direction so as prevent the wool fibers from getting crushed. You are advised to repeat this procedure almost three times over the surface of the rug. In order to prevent the dirt from getting embedded within the wool rug, you need to vacuum it regularly and twice a month.
  • Use The Soap Shampoo: Once you have detached all the dust within the rug surface then you need to apply shampoo over it. Scrub down the wool rug with the water and the soap shampoo. After that, you need to wash down the rug fringes by using the same soap solution. Then, rinse off all the soap residue within the surface of the wool rug by using clean water.
  • Dry The Rug: Once you have rinsed off all the soap within the rug surface, then you need to dry off the rug by placing it outside or hanging it respectively. You can also use the heaters in order to increase the drying speed of the rug. If the materials of the rug feel stiffed once it is dried completely then you need to vacuum it one more time or you can also brush the rug smoothly so as to bring the smoothness to the rug.
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