How To Clean A Sunsetter Awning: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Clean A Sun Setter Awning

The sun setter type of awnings is mostly added benefit for the enjoyment of your outdoor events. The sun setter comes in handy so you can easily close them when you need some sunlight or you can open them when you don’t want to face the sunlight or when you have been enjoying a barbeque with your friends & family on your patio. However, the sun setter awnings can easily get dirty with prolonged daily use. The sun setter awnings can wear out speedily if they are not cleaned often & thoroughly. Definitely you don’t want to replace your awnings just because they are dirty. Keeping the sun setter awning clean is an easy task to perform and also very important, so if it's to clean your sun setter then collect the given items and follow all the given steps carefully:

Things You Will Need

    Universal Vinyl Cleaner Or A Similar Cleaning Product
  • Sponge Or Brush
  • Water From A Hose Or Buckets

Steps For This Process

  1. Before you begin cleaning your sun setter awning, you need to test the cleaner which you are going to use, test it on similar material, or on the invisible area of your sun setter awning. There may be some sort of antagonistic effect of the cleaner on the invisible area or your awning or on the material (if you test the cleaner on it), like a color change or material weakening.
  2. Next you need to choose the correct cleaner carefully for the type of fabric on which you are going to work, in this case, “The Universal Vinyl Cleaner” cleans most of the vinyl & plastic materials without any harmful results.
  3. Then you need to spray your cleaning solution on your sun setter awning starting from the bottom to top, avert any streaks when the sprayed cleaner runs down. Wipe your entire sun setter awning with the soft sponge, from top to bottom.
  4. Next you have to allow the sprayed cleaner to set for a while after being brushed or sponged because this will ensure you that the dirt & stains are fully saturated with your cleaner & will also make removal of any dirt much easier.
  5. Finally finish your work with rinsing your sun setter awning with clean water, you need to use a hose if it is not available then you need to fill a water bucket to rinse your awning. Start the rinsing work from the top to down and then allow your sun setter awning to dry wholly before closing it, and that’s it, now your sun setter awning will look almost brand new again.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are not satisfied with the results of your work then you may have to repeat the above mention steps to get the best results.
  • You can also apply the Universal Fabric Sealer after you have finished cleaning your awning, and it is entirely dry.
  • Sealer can give sun setter awning long-lasting & stronger protection against dirt & nature, and will also add lifespan of your Sun Setter awning.
  • Cleaning the sun setter awning in every few months from the installation time for its entire life of your awning because this will make the cleaning processer much easier, and will also prolong the number of years to enjoy the more service of your sun setter awning.
  • You need to follow the given guidance of your cleaning solution very careful because the measurements of cleaning solution to water are crucial to the cleaning effect of solution and also to the protection of awning fabric.
  • You need to know that, never use any harsh chemical cleaners that are not suitable specifically for your sun setter awnings or for similar industrialized fabrics.
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