How To Clean A Rusty Wood Stove: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Clean A Rusty Wood Stove

The wooden stoves can easily provide warmth to an area along with the optical appeal for many individuals, the lifespan of wood stove is near about 15-20 years but the wood stove requires proper cleaning otherwise it gets damaged after a short period of time. Collect all the mentioned items and follow all the given steps to clean a rusty wood stove. Here are the item list & steps for this processs.

Items Needed For This Process

  • Safety glasses & Face Mask
  • Wire Brush & Steel Wool
  • Air Compressor With Air Nozzle & Putty Knife
  • Chisel & Small Hammer
  • Paper Towel & Damp Cloth
  • Stove Polish & Lint-Free Cloth

Steps For This Process

Once you've collected all the required items, now you need to follow all the given steps:
  • First of all, take a wire brush before rubbing it over the rusted surface. Clean your surface by blowing it off repeatedly with the help of an air nozzle to remove any debris. Continue rubbing your area with your wire brush until your surface is smooth or very close to smooth. Rub your palm over the surface to check for bumps.
  • Next, rub the steel wool over the wood stove in order to create a smooth surface. Clean your surface repeatedly with air nozzle to remove any debris.
  • Get rid of any old cement from your wooden stove seams. Chisel & pry all loose cement for the seams with the help of a putty knife or chisel. Clean your surface repeatedly with the help of the air nozzle to remove any debris. Check the seams in the appropriate wooden stove you are working for the old cement because each wooden stove is different.
  • Now, to each seam, you need to make sure to apply new stove cement. Wipe all the seams down with the help of a paper towel and then with a damp cloth. Constantly disseminate the stove cement in each of the seam with the straight edge of your putty knife.
  • Next, wipe your entire wood stove by using a paper towel and then move to lint free cloth to remove the debris and dirt.
  • Simply you have to apply a coat of stove polish over the whole wood stove by using a damp-lint free cloth. Use a scrubbing motion while applying the polish because this motion provides easy access to applying the wood stove polish in all ridges & designed area. Allow your wood stove polish to dry for a whole day. Check your surface & look for competent
    coverage. Apply a 2nd coat if necessary.
  • Buff the dried wood stove polish by using a soft lint-free cloth. Use a circular motion while buffing the wooden stove.
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