How To Clean A Popcorn Ceiling: Steps & Items Needed For Cleaning A Popcorn Ceiling

Steps & Items Needed For Cleaning A Popcorn Ceiling

Cleaning the popcorn ceiling at least once a year illuminates the surface aloft and assists many homeowners to learn to live with their old ceilings. To successfully steer all of the corners and cracks of the texture, go through the step by step method outlined here in order to clean a popcorn ceiling. But before going through the process, collect certain items first that are required to perform this task:

Items Needed

  • Plastic Tarps, Protective Mask & Goggles
  • Stepladder & Vacuum With Brush Attachments
  • Long Handled Broom, Duct Tape & Paint Roller
  • Lint Brush With Sticky Paper(Optional)
  • Water, Liquid Dish Soap & Sponge
  • Bleach Or Vinegar
  • Spray Bottles & Circulating Fan

Step 1: Prepare The Room

First of all, gather all the required items & then wrap your furnishings as well as flooring with the help of plastic tarps in order to prevent any damages to your flooring or furnishings such as dust, cobwebs, etc. For your own safety, wear a protective mask to avoid the dust entering your lungs & protect your eyes using goggles.

Step 2: Remove The Dust

In order to get rid of any dust from the popcorn ceiling, there are three ways to perform this & they are vacuum, broom & duct tape. Before selecting the way that suits you best, first decide whether you want to use an extendable tool or move up the stepladder to clean the ceiling.
  • Vacuum: Using a vacuum with brush attachment, you can get rid of the dust & cobwebs from the popcorn ceiling. Make sure to select the brush that is not having any hard plastic parts, which otherwise could damage the paint. If in case your vacuum has a long handle to work with, then you can work by staying on the ground or if you want to use a stepladder, climb perpendicular having your machine in tow rigorously.
  • Broom: Rotate a long-handled broom around in order to make its broad, soft-bristled brush cladding towards the ceiling. Buff the brush over the ceiling, permitting the dust to fall onto the tarps.
  • Duct Tape: Fasten duct tape to a paint roller, or you can use a sticky lint roller. Move up your step ladder and smoothly roller the ceiling. The majority of the dust should stick to your application. Restore duct tape or renew lint paper when the dust no longer exist.

Step 3: Test A Cleaner On A Hidden Part

Before you start to eliminate the stains caused by some of the reasons like water, smoke, or grease, you first need to test the hidden section of the ceiling that will not be visible at all, to make sure that your cleaning solution will not damage the ceiling.
  • Grease Stains: In a kitchen, it is most likely that you will find some discoloration, which can be due to the amount of cooking oil that gets in the air during meal preparation. To solve this issue, blend a mild solution of warm water with liquid dish soap in a large spray bottle, that you can take care of very easily on your stepladder. Sprinkle the solution onto the stain, and gently wipe the area with a rag or sponge & allow it to dry which can take several hours.
  • Water, Mildew, And Smoke Stains: Blend water & bleach in a spray bottle and then spread to the ceiling. Smoothly spray the area to avoid extra water damage. First, perform with one part bleach to five parts water & then wait for many hours. If the stain isn’t boosting, affix more bleach and smoothly spray the area again. Let the test area dry for one whole night to decide if the solution is working or not.

Step 4: Deep-Clean With The Cleaner Of Your Choice

Spray the remaining ceiling section with the suitable cleaner, liquid dish soap solution, or the bleach solution, that should not damage the ceiling. Make sure to use the safety equipment while dealing with these cleaner solutions, If in case you are climbing a stepladder, then make sure to work only within a limited range, moving down your ladder frequently. Allow the ceiling dry for a complete night and keep the windows open and circulating fans on to keep room ventilated.

Step 5: Repaint The Popcorn Ceiling

If in case some stains still remain, in spite of the fact that it is faded, review repainting your popcorn ceiling. After getting rid of the surface dust, your ceiling is ready for a new paint job. Or, if you are not satisfied with the look of your popcorn ceiling, then it may be time to get rid of it altogether.
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