How To Clean A Couch With A Steam Cleaner: Steps

Steps To Clean A Couch With A Steam Cleaner

Cleaning a couch using steam cleaner can be very much helpful because it not only cleans the couch but also in some cases can restore the couch into its original & new condition. It is very much necessary to steam clean the couch with a proper method in order to get the desired results otherwise, the user can damage the couch. The steps to clean a couch using a steam cleaner are as follows:
  1. Vacuum The Couch:
    The first step in the process will be to vacuum the couch & its cushions in order to remove small debris from it. For larger debris, the user needs to sweep the couch using dustpan & hand broom.
  2. Pre-Treat The Stains:
    In case, the couch has visible stain marks, the user needs to pre-treat them by spraying a stain pre-treater recommended for steam cleaning. After that, the user needs to allow the pre-treater to sit on the stains for about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Prepare The Steam Cleaner:
    In the meantime, the user needs to prepare his steam cleaner by filling its water tank with hot water and a steam cleaning formula according to the guidelines. The guidelines for filling in the tank with an appropriate amount of cleaner should be listed on the machine. After that, the user needs to plug the machine and free up its upholstery attachment from the base unit. The user needs to check operating instructions for using an upholstery attachment before he begins the cleaning process.
  4. Test The Couch For Colorfastness:
    The couch cleaning with the steamer should begin with checking the couch for colorfastness for that, the user needs to clean a small and inconspicuous area of the couch first. After that, the user needs to turn the machine off and blot the cleaned area using a white & clean towel. If the color of the couch transfers into the towel in a large amount, the cleaning process should be stopped immediately. In case a small amount of color or no color is transferred into the towel, the user can proceed with the cleaning process.
  5. Clean The Couch Section By Section:
    The next step will be to start the machine again and clean the whole couch section by section. The user can clean each section by using slightly overlapped slow & even strokes. The pillows & cushions of the couch need to be separated from the couch frame and cleaned on towels or sheet placed on the floor.
  6. Air Dry The Couch:
    The last step in the process will be to let the couch air dry by opening up the fan and windows nearing the couch in order to promote air circulation.
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