How To Choose Curtains For Living Room: Best Ideas To Choose Curtains

Best Ideas To Choose Curtains For Living Room

If you are living in your new home and you want to choose curtains for your home, but confused about the color and fabric combination, then don't worry we are here to give you some easy suggestions which are very useful to choose curtains for your rooms. Read and understand each and every suggestion to select perfect curtains for your room. Now here are the suggestions:

Select Fabric

  1. If you have very sunny rooms then you need to choose a durable fabric for your room because the sunlight will eventually damage any type of fabric over a short period of time, but don't worry because some fabrics are more long-lasting than others against the sunlight such as faux silk, chintzes, brocades, and cotton canvas, these are best and least unerect to sun rot.
  2. You can maximize natural light by using sheer fabrics. If you are the one who loves to enjoy natural lighting then sheer fabrics are best for you because they are perfect for small spaces which you want to fill with sunlight just because the sheer curtains are thin and will take less space. Sheer material will also provide natural ventilation to your room. If you also worry about the privacy of your room then you need to choose semi-sheers because it will offer a subtle amount of privacy without sacrificing natural lighting.
  3. If you want to cover large spaces then you need to select the heavy fabric that will hang easily and heavily for your room. Heavy fabrics such as suede, corduroy, tapestry, velvet, velveteen, and wool-blends will easily stay put in front of the windows and will also shield the most light from your room.
  4. If you want to reduce the light and noise then you can also choose black curtains for your room. If you are facing light pollution or if you are facing any trouble sleeping in general then the black curtains will easily block all external light coming in your room and this is best if you want to sleep in the afternoon. They will also decrease the sound of the outside noise. Black-out curtains are unremarkably made of thermal weave or very heavy polyester a woven fabric that also provides covering.

Colors and Contrast

  1. Contemplate the present color scheme of your room. Curtains should integrate the decor of your room, so check the current color palette and also check for patterns that appear in the applied wallpaper or on your furniture fabric. In some cases, you have to choose a hue that will tie the curtains in with the color palette of your room.
  2. Energize yours with the lively pattern. You can easily transform your plain room by using the patterned or printed curtains because it will add texture and color in your room. Choose the patterns that will feature some contrasting colors to the furniture and your walls and can create even more energy and make a primary room far more attractive. You can easily create height in the low-ceilinged room by selecting patterns featuring perpendicular stripes.
  3. You may also need to create contrast by the shades which stand out from the walls. Choose curtains that are at least one shade darker or lighter than your interior walls because this will stop them from blending into your walls entirely. To make your curtains stand out you need to choose colors that contrast and complement the colors of your walls and the furnishings.
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