How To Choose A Bassinet: Important & Useful Tips Of Choosing A Bassinet

Important & Useful Tips Of Choosing A Bassinet

Small, cozy, as well as the portable bassinet, is the perfect place where you can make your newborn baby sleep. If you want to get a bassinet for your baby and you are confused about how to choose it, then don't worry, some of the important & useful tips are mentioned below:
  1. The users should select a bassinet having a few qualities like sturdy bottom, wide & stable base. There must be no sharp points or the edges inside as well as outside, or even the small parts, that can be dangerous. If the bassinet is made from the wood, it must be free from the splinters.
  2. Consider a bassinet which can be used only for a short period of time and this is due to the fact that its life span is very less. If the user's budget is tight, that time do not purchase this item instead consider using a full-sized crib from the start.
  3. Check folding mechanisms, if the legs or the frame of the bassinet collapse for the storage, then it is important to make sure that they lock in the place once the unit is properly set up.
  4. The other important point to remember is to make sure that the mattress or the pad is smooth & extra firm and also fits snugly. The thickness of the mattress or the pad in a bassinet should not be more than 1 1/2 inches. The thicker one has a suffocation problem. Most of the parents complain that the mattresses with the bassinets are hard or thin. But the fact is that the babies must sleep on a firm mattress and never on soft mattress.
  5. If the legs or even the frame of a bassinet can collapse, make sure they lock into place when the unit is set up. In early 2011, some 500,000 bassinets made by the Burlington Basket Co were recalled because some of them collapsed when the folding legs weren't locked in place.
  6. Some of the bassinets pose safety problems, which includes rough, sharp edges from inside, and has the soft sides which can be suffocative, as well as have the bars that are spaced widely enough, so while choosing the bassinet, consider these points. The important point is to keep the receipt as well as all the packaging and the materials that come with the product, this is because it may be needed in case of returning the bassinet.
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