How To Change Light Bulb In High Ceiling Chandelier: 2 Methods Of Changing Light Bulb In High Ceiling Chandelier

Two Methods Of Changing Light Bulb In High Ceiling Chandelier

High ceiling lights are generally the most important parts in your home, however, these high ceiling lights also come with some of the issues. Cleaning as well as replacing the bulbs are two main issues that are difficult aspects of these lights. The majority of the homeowners are mostly worried about the process of changing chandelier light bulbs in high ceilings. Therefore, when most of the people are planning to change light bulbs in high ceilings, they will usually take assistance of a professional. However, some of the people will try to change the light bulb using ladder, but they may face difficult if their standard ladder isn't tall enough to reach the ceiling. Bulb Changing Poles are considered an excellent way when it comes to changing light bulbs in high ceiling spaces safely as well as efficiently without having a need of an extra pair of hands or climbing up a long step ladder. Telescopic poles may be adjusted in order to meet any height, which in turn makes them permanently accessible even at 30 feet or more. However, the two main methods of changing the light bulb in high ceiling chandelier are mentioned-below:

Method 1: Using Ladder

  • Before you start changing the light bulb, it is important to turn off the lights. Open the ladder completely before laying it flat on the ground, but make sure to lay it close to a wall.
  • After that, ask someone to help you by taking hold of the ladder steady. Put on a pair of rubber gloves in order to protect your hands.
  • Slowly spin the bulb in an anticlockwise direction. Pull out the old bulb before putting in a new one by placing it clockwise in the socket.
  • By switching on the bulb, you can see whether the light works or not. If you are afraid of heights as well as your bulbs are looking downward, then it is better to use the bulb grabber or the bulb changer.

Method 2: Using Bulb Grabber

  • First of all, attach or secure a lengthy extension pole to your bulb grabber. Slowly guide the bulb grabber to the bulb that you are looking to replace, before handing it over to the bulb changer.
  • In order to fully loosen the extension pole, you need to turn it anticlockwise. Pull the bulb out gently before detaching the old bulb using the release string.
  • Get your replacement bulb before screwing it into the bulb changer’s suction tips. Introduce the new bulb back to the light’s socket slowly and set it inside.
  • To tighten the bulb, you need to turn it clockwise once it’s been installed. To remove the bulb, you need to use the released string. Switch on the light to see whether it works or not.

Disposing Of Light Bulbs

As soon as you are done Changing The Light Bulbs In Your High Ceiling, you don’t need to toss them away, due to the fact that they can break and injure someone. Put them exactly in the same packing as the fresh ones or wrap them in old newspapers in order to get rid of them. Make sure that a youngster cannot reach them without the provision that the bulb breaks, the glass could injure them.


  • When replacing light bulbs in a high chandelier, it is highly recommended to take safety precautions. To avoid an electrical shock, make sure that the high chandelier is turned off and, if feasible, switch off the electricity at the breaker box.
  • You should have someone in order to take hold of the ladder in case you use the ladder approach, due to the reason that you will be fairly high in the air and do not want it to tip over on you. The chandelier hung from eight-foot ceilings in older homes, however, the majority of the modern homes have a nine-foot ceiling.
  • Anything above 9 feet in height is a high ceiling, giving you an idea how high you might be on a ladder. As soon as they are altered, discharge them efficiently so no one gets hurt. If you are not sure how to change light bulbs in a high chandelier, then better is to hire someone to do it for you.
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