How To Chalk Paint And Distress Furniture: 8 Easy Steps

8 Easy Steps To Chalk Paint & Distress Furniture

Your furniture looks old and boring after a short period of time and if you want to give a new life and look to your old furniture then follow the given steps carefully.
  1. Work Area: The suitable outdoor temperature is 60–80 °F (16–27 °C) and if the outdoor temperature is suitable then work outside, if not then you can start your work in room temperature.
  2. Protect: Before painting and distressing the furniture, cover surrounding area and items with a canvas sheet or tarp.
  3. Remove: If there is any type of hardware installed on your furniture then remove them before the painting process. If you are not able to remove hardware from furniture then cover them with a painter's tape.
  4. Sand: Now, take 150-grit or finer sandpaper and lightly rub the furniture, don't apply too much pressure because it will damage the surface of the furniture. After your sanding process is finished clean the surface of the wood furniture with a soapy water solution to remove small dust and other particles.
  5. Paint: Start your painting process now, take enough chalk paint and use long flexible china bristles brush, foam roller brush, or with the spray gun.
    • If you are using paintbrush then only dip the paintbrush about halfway into the can, then use the paintbrush on the side of the can for removing excess paint.
    • If you are using foam roller brush then crape the roller brush on the grid of the pan and don't scrape the roller too high because it will leave the paint.
    • If you are using the spray gun then hold the spray gun approximately three inches (7 cm) away from the wood furniture.
  6. Second Coat (optional): If you think that the second coat is needed then follow this step otherwise skip this step.
  7. Dry: After applying the paint, let it dry for nearly 24 hours.
  8. Distress: Once your chalk paint is dry, take a bucket of water and a scouring pad (kitchen scrubby) or lint-free rag. Your cloth should be nice and wet but not too wet. Use the wet rag cloth to gently rub across the wood furniture in a back & forth motion.
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