How To Caulk A Bathtub: Step By Step Guide & Items Required

Step By Step Guide & Items Required To Caulk A Bathub

Usually, the bathtub needs fine caulking so as to conserve the water from leaking within the walls that can easily cause crucial damage. If in case the caulk is cracked, old and also needs an update all around the area of the bathtub then the users need to apply the new caulk by using few right tools from their nearby hardware store. They need to detach the old caulk before applying the new one for sealing down the seams. The users can easily caulk a bathtub at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Razor Scraper Or Utility Knife, Tweezers
  • Vacuum Cleaner, Denatured Alcohol, Bleach
  • Acrylic Latex Or Silicone Caulk, Scissors
  • Painter’s Tape, Application Gun
  • Paper Towel Or Lint-Free Rag

Step I: Detach The Old Caulk

  • Use The Razor Scraper: Start by getting the razor scraper so as to detach the pre-existing caulk. The razor scraper will smoothly detach the old caulk with the basic scraping motion. The users need to be assured that the razor blade is made up of plastic as the metal blade can easily scratch and can easily damage and scratch the bathtubs that are made up of plastic material. If in case the users have the plan of installing the new bathtub then there will not be any pre-existing caulk that needs to get detached. For an instant detachment of the caulk the users can use the utility knife but they need to be assured that the blade is made up of the plastic material. For detaching the caulk from the acrylic or the fiberglass the users need to use the plastic blades as well.
  • Use The Sharp Strokes: The users need to use the sharp and quick strokes so as to scrape down the pre-existing caulk. They need to place the plastic blade even adjacent to the bathtub surface and use the small and the quick strokes so as to detach the caulk material. By this, the users will easily detach the caulk material within the bathtub surface. For detaching the caulk from the hard reached surface of the bathtub they need to use the tweezers so as to pry them off respectively.
  • Clean Off The Caulk: Then clean off the pre-existing caulk pieces. The users need to wipe it down and detach the caulk pieces that they will see. Then they need to vacuum down the bathtub so as to detach the remaining, unseen pieces.
  • Use The Alcohol: Use the denatured alcohol to wipe the surface of the bathtub. The users need to use the rag so as to wipe all the bathtub areas where the caulk was placed with the denatured alcohol. By this, the users will easily clean off the bathtub surface and will also prepare it for applying the new caulk material.
  • Use The Bleach Solution: Use the bleach to detach any mold or the mildew. They need to mix up the bleach and the water and before applying this solution the users are advised to wear the gloves and then scrub down the surface of the bathtub and to the corners as well where the old caulk was attached by the bleach solution. Then allow the bleach solution to sit over the bathtub surface for near about one complete day.

Step II: Add The New Caulk

  • Purchase The Caulk Material: Start by buying the new caulk that is specifically made for the bathroom purpose and is prepared for any tub type. The users can easily purchase the caulk material at their nearby hardware store. The caulk usually available in acrylic or in latex forms. The silicone caulk material is ideal to get used for the fiberglass tubs and the acrylic caulk is ideal to be used for the ceramic tubs.
  • Lay The Strips Of Painter's Tape: Then the users need to lay the painter's tape strips so as to get the smooth corner. They need to place the tape strips above the edges where they want to apply down the caulk material. Then place the strips parallel below where they want to apply the caulk so as to leave the gap in between the two tape strips.
  • Load Up The Gun With Caulk Tube: Then load up the gun with this tube of caulk. The users need to trim off the caulk tube tip and then place this trimmed tube within the gun. Then hold up the gun at the forty-five degrees angle within the edges.
  • Apply The Caulk Material: Then the users need to apply this caulk all over the seam by applying the gentle pressure over the gun. They need to smoothly drift the gun all around the corner. They need to smoothen down the caulk so as to form the concave shape and to do so they need to soak up the paper towel in the water and then press it down within the seam by using the fingers and then run it carefully all along with the caulk material.
  • Detach The Tape Strips And Allow It To Get Dried: Detach the tape strips from the surface of the tub. Then use the wet rag so as to smoothen down the caulk material again and make sure that the entire caulk corner is seamless. Then allow the caulk material to get dried off for near about 2-3 days before they use the bathtub accordingly.
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