How To Care For Wicker Furniture: Steps To Take Care Of Wicker & Rattan Furniture

How To Care For Wicker Furniture

Wicker is used for manufacturing furniture products for indoor as well as outdoor space. Wicker furniture products are of lightweight, durable, and sturdy. The ways in which the customers can take care of the wicker furniture are given below:
  1. Keep Wicker Furniture Dust Free: The wicker furniture products should be kept dust free. The dust can be removed from the furniture product by using a vacuum or bristle brush.
  2. Keep Wicker Furniture Clean: Any spill or stain on the wicker furniture should be cleaned quickly by using Murphy’s Oil Soap and clean cloth.
  3. Control Humidity Levels: The wicker furniture products should be kept in a moderate humidity. The high humidity causes the growth of mold and the low humidity makes the furniture brittle.
  4. Remove Mold Or Mildew: If there exists any mold on the wicker furniture then it should be cleaned with a solution of bleach.
  5. Protect Wicker From Weather: The wicker furniture should be kept away from the sun, rain, etc as it can damage the furniture.

How To Care For Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture products are beautiful and have long-lasting durability. To maintain the color and strength of rattan furniture some tips need to be kept in mind. The tips are mentioned below:
  1. The rattan furniture should be cleaned every day by using water-diluted dishwashing detergent so as to keep the furniture away from the damage.
  2. Rattan furniture products are designed for indoor space. The furniture products should be kept away from the sunlight.
  3. Any stain on the wicker furniture should be removed immediately by using a detergent and cloth. For cracks and splits boiled linseed oil can be used.
  4. Once a year major cleaning should be done for its long-lasting durability. At that time a coat of shellac or lacquer is done on the furniture product.
  5. Rubber stoppers should be kept between the wood furniture and floor so that the rattan furniture remains safe.
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